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So I started taking Adrafinil a few days ago. It's said to increase in effectiveness over the course of the first week or so. I felt it the first dose, but effects became clearer and more pronounced by today (3rd or 4th day). If any of you have seen the film limitless, this is sorta like that. Modafinil is widely accepted as the closest real world drug to NZT. Modafinil is schedualed, expensive and tricky to acquire. Adrafinil is totally legal and can be ordered online from a variety of sources. It converts to modafinil in the liver and sources say that 600mg of adrafinil is just about the same as a regular dose of modafinil. I can't say from experience because I've only had the one, not the other.

Adrafinil for the win?

I find this stuff shuts out any kind of distraction and ups your focus. You become lucid, fluid, able to take on productive action because you have a taste for that sort of thing now. no longer content to sit around taking up space. This stuff is actually a brilliant workout supp, I just realized after an impromptu session at home here. It just sort of hit me. While muscles were sore from a busy week behind me, i just felt like moving, felt inspired. This stuff may be just what you need to pick yourself up out of a rut or reach some new level in your training game.

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