Dr.D any info on Tianeptine?

  1. Dr.D any info on Tianeptine?


    I would have pm'd but they are disabled. I was wondering if you have any experience or information to share about tianeptine. I am interested in switching to tianeptine from Zoloft and I am trying to find out as much as possible. Thanks in advance.


  2. It's going to have a very different effect from Zoloft I'd think. I've never tried it, but have studied the molecule. It's a modified tricyclic. In this class, I really only liked Desipramine and Pamelor. Tri's bind at many different recepors so there are a lot of sides with their use. Anti-cholinergic sides include memory impairment, dry mouth, thermogenesis, etc. Anti-histimic sides are similar, but add sedation too. Sympathomemetic sides include cardiac acceleration and hyper respiration. The structure of tianeptine looks specifically designed for a short half life, so at least twice daily doses would be needed I suppose, or more. If it promotes serotonergic reuptake, that could counter the sedative effects somewhat and make it a little more activating, especially after long use of Zoloft, past the point of depression. It might be a good way to stop using an SSRI, or may precipitate withdrawl phenomenon. It may also be a good stack to reduces sides from Zoloft, but I don't think that would work well for most people. It could have some weird sides or strange effects on mood because of this action too, and will be very individuallized for sure. Sorry I can't help more. I will say that if you've ever used Buspar and if it worked, then tianeptine may work too, as far as the net effect. They have different mechanics though so you would just have to try it and see. If you have some, it wouldn't hurt to give it a cautious trial.

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