Tianeptine for depression????

  1. Tianeptine for depression????

    Guys has anyone tried Tianeptine for depression? It seems to have a much better profile then SSRIs as far as side effects go but with similar efficacy. The only drawback I see is the 3 times per day dosing. Any other experiences?????


  2. I've been looking into that one too. There's some feedback at Avant and generally people rave about it. I know it supposedly reverses damage done by cortisol to the hippocampus, or some **** like that . I have no idea where to buy it from though... If you find some feel free to email me...

  3. SS,

    I have a link but I don't really want to post it openly. I tried your e-mail and it says that you don't want to receive any e-mails. Let me know how to get this to you because I am thinking about switching to it from Zoloft and it would be good to have a run at it with another good bro. Let me know.


  4. I tried emailing you before I posted that, and I got the same message.

    you can email me at

    This post will soon be edited to delete my email addy , so please nobody quote me in the next post.
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  5. Mr. 50 did you ever give the tianeptine a try?

  6. Still waiting for it to come in. I had to order from overseas. If you know of a better place please let me know if you can over at Avant in a PM. It should be in this week. I am going to take it 12.5 mgs three times per day with 6 grams plus of Fish oil and 400mgs per day of Sam-e. I will stop the Zoloft for only 1 full day before I begin the tianeptine. I have my fingers crossed. I want to start right away but I am about to start PCT next week and I don't want that to skew my results. Let me know what you think.


  7. I agree that if you start during PCT your results will be skewed. What kind of cycle are you coming off of?

  8. A very weird one.

    Started first week with 600mgs per day of 4AD trans as well as 300mgs per day of 1-T trans with 20mgs of Superdrol per day.
    Also started to front load 2000 mgs per week of 4-AD Cyp.
    After the first week dropped the trans and dropped the Superdrol during the second.
    Went for two more weeks at 2000mgs per week on the 4-AD Cyp with 100mgs 4-OHT Cyp EOD (just for estrogen control).
    Did one shot of the 4-OHT Cyp two days after the last 4-AD Cyp.
    Today is the 15th day after the last shot of 4-AD Cyp (should just be leaving my system now).

    This week I started 75 mgs of MDHT per day, 20mgs of Superdrol Per day, 20mgs of ALRI's new Phermone.
    Will finish up with this protocol on Sunday and start PCT Monday with 100mgs per day of Clomid, 2000mgs per day of Trib., 4 caps per day of Biotest Red Kat, 450mgs per week of 7-OH Diacetate per week. Also liver support supps and six grams per day of Fish Oils.

    Also, throughout the cycle I used 4mgs per day of Tri-Max and 150mcgs per day of T-4.


  9. Sounds good. I've been off my 9 month cycle for over a month now, using HCG and nolva. I'm starting 7OH-diace at 600mg/week and Sledge's new anti-E trans today (not sure of the dosage or even what's in it )

    Here's where I'm at as far as the depression stuff goes...

  10. In my experience Zyban did not really help with the depression. But depression is a very individual disease so give it a shot. Be careful though and truthfully evaluate how bad your depression is. If it starts to make dealing with your day to day life impossible then go to the doctor and get some help. It is nothing to be imbarrased about it is just very misunderstood. There is strong evidence that for a large segment of the depressed population that there is actual physiological mechanisms that are amiss and that is the cause of the depression just like diabetes or any other metabolic disorder.

    For me SSRIs work sort of, but the just flatline all of my emotions so as far as a long term strategy they are not that good. I have to find a new solution. I am looking into going to the PATH Medical Center in NY. www.pathmed.com . I don't know if they can help but they are one of the only places that I have found that actually do any kind of diagnostic testing for depression to try to determine the root cause of the depression rather then just throwing different drugs at it and try to see if anything works.



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