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    have a kidney disease and as a result am on prednisone. Decided to find a fat burner to offset the weight gain from the pred. Took a fat burner with Yohimbe in it for 2.5 weeks. Beginning to have a flare up of my disease. Just read that yohimbe is harmful to the kidneys. If I stop it right now, will the symptoms most likely go away? I'm just wondering if I've been taking it for long enough to cause permanent damage or should I be alright if I just drop it now. Didnt read about the effects of yohimbe before i bought the supp. Thanks
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  2. Ya i've heard the same about yohimbe. I don't think anyone can tell you for sure if you're going to have lasting damage or not...hopefully not. Definitely stop asap and your doctor might be able to help you better.

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