Advil every day for anti-inflammatory properties

  1. Advil every day for anti-inflammatory properties

    My dermatologist said it was fine if i wanted to load up on anti inflammatorys to decrease the redness of acne. I have been doing it for 2 days and it has worked well. Is this healthy to do long term? I guess that is the plan until something better comes along.
    Works better than antibiotics, thats for sure.

  2. I replied in your other thread that you made. Bad idea for many reasons.

  3. By load up do you mean recommended dosage? Maximum dose, or more? How many milligrams of ibuprofen total? Ibuprofen is not good for the liver in mass dosages over an extended period of time. There are many other things you can use to minimize the soreness, redness, etc...of cystic or problematic acne. Many of these are natural and are either ingested or used topically. Herbs and vitamins like vitamin B6, arnica, white willow bark, cysteine, red clover leaf, gluthathione, and tea tree oil can help far much faster and over a period of time compared to ibuprofen alone. You can also look for topical agents like sulfur dioxide, benzoyl peroxide, or sacylic acid.

  4. no, short-term is alright if needed. Long term you run into many issues such as gastrointestinal issues, kidney stress, and it can effect muscle growth too. We need inflammation for growth
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  5. Fermented cod liver oil. Check out its anti inflammatory properties.

  6. As a powerlifter and pro level armwrestler Ive been using ibuprofen regularly for years....6 at a time in the evenings. Ive never experienced any negative side stomach or liver problems. I think people go a little overboard on the potential for toxicity, Ive never heard of anyone getting liver failure or ulcers from advil.

  7. dude what?? ^^ stuffs bad as hell for u if u use it all the time..

    I recommend fish oil and joint help.
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  8. Epic bump! But yea, ibuprofen used regularly for long periods is no good! I've had knee problems for awhile and got really used to popping ibuprofen 800's to alleviate the pain I would have. Finally told my doctor that and got the rundown on just how bad extended use is for the liver and stomach. You wont notice it right away but in the end you'll pay for it. I started taking fish oil regularly and got some knee straps to help while running/lifting and the pain is actually less than when I was on IBU.
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