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  1. Question interaction question

    Would there be any reason not to take Tri-max with Ultracet and Trazodone?

  2. Due to CYP2D6 inhibition, the traz may increase the half-life of the tram, but maybe not cause the tri will keep your metabolism moving. Only issue here is the overlapping serotonergic effects of the traz and the tram. If you don't feel bad mentally on the combo, your not susseptable, so it all looks fine to me.

  3. Thanks for the info DR.D.

    I've been having difficulty finding a product (that works) to assist in weightloss while on Tramadol. I had some good results w/ an ECA prduct a few years ago but its not avalible any longer. Any suggestions??

  4. What works best for me is carb starvation from 6am-6pm in combination with yohimbine. Pyruvate sup before workouts and at night when I carb load, and use of a good non-aromatizing oral anabolic like M4OHN. I also take 200ug T4/d which helps big time, and about 600mg caff spread throughout the day. If appetite is an issue, you can always get a doc or even order an anorexic on-line. Phenermine and Dexadrine destroy my hunger.

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