OTC Pain Relievers

  1. OTC Pain Relievers

    Which of the OTC pain relievers would be the best choice when on a cycle containing methylated compounds, specifically m1t? I'm assuming acetaminophen is a no-no because of its reputation of being harsh on the liver. Which of the others would be the best/safest choice? I'm not talking about popping them daily to get rid of aches & pains in the joints, but something to take the edge off of the occasional, debilitating headache at work so that I can concentrate and get things done.



  2. Asprin is a good choice for 19-nor compounds always, but bad for stuff that might thin the blood (halo or dbol.) If you notice certain orals that make you bruise more easily or get nose bleeds, then ibuprofen or naproxen are the standard. I use asprin when I can though, it good for you in many ways. I never use more the 1g tylenol(acetomenophen) = 2 caps, when on orals, and even then, it's just if I really need to.

    Rogue is right (I hate to say it!)
    Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor and really acts synergistically with Tylenol and/or Motrin for mig. headaches. I usually take 500mg Tylenol, 200mg motrin, 100mg caff. at first sign of a mig. headache.

    Ketoprofen is another good choice, but always take it w/ food and use about twice as much as is recommended. Disadvantage is that in has a short halflife. If you aren't eating, you can just chew a tums with it if your stomach is empty.

    Also remember, if your using asprin for it's thinning advantage, don't use NSAI at the same time cause it blanks out this benefit.

  3. Lots of good info in the above posts. Thanks guys!


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