Tricks for getting below 8% bf?

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    you arent 8% lol, sorry just stating the facts.

    this is what 8% bf looks like <img src="****55 901"/>
    You seem to be lower then 8. But people's fat lie in different areas. He can be very lean elsewhere. A lot with the way you look and skin fold measurements have to do with fat distribution. I would venture based on his picture 10% but still there's room for error

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    Quick question - wouldn't it be a bit of an abnormality to be at 8% bf and have no visible abs? Are you positive you're that low at the moment?

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  4. This is what I have been doing lately and as a coincidence using the exact same time frame/eating window

    I Iike it as well

    Quote Originally Posted by TigerHoods View Post
    Eat for 6 hours a day, fast for 18. I have seen significant results from this method. It is annoying at first but you actually feel more refreshed and have a ton of energy as your body adjusts. My eating window was from 11 am - 5pm
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