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    That stuff is a great sleep supp. I found a deal once for 10 bucks a box of sample packs. 2 pills x20 packs. 40 pills for 10 bucks was a crazy deal.
    I travel for work a lot so when I'm on the road living out of hotels I need a good sleep supp. Comatose would knock me out and keep me in a super deep sleep.
    Nice! Yeah I picked some up at a convention

  2. I take melatonin, i have been wanting to try ZMA.

    Yes, and get rid of all of that artificial light!

  3. For me melatonin knocks me out for like 12 hours...


  4. Zma, recompadrol, agmatine.... sleep so hard it hurts.... or prime sleep/gh
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by FranARG View Post
    Two or three puffs and you are good to go.
    Smoke'm man...

  6. 200mg l-theanine
    1 cap passion flower
    1 cap valerian root
    1 cap if lemon balm.
    The caps are all usually dosed similarly even with different brands.

    throw in 2-3mg of melatonin and you should be out.

  7. The thing about Melatonin is some people get a "hangover" effect from it. They stay groggy for a few hours even if they get a decent amount of sleep. Some people are also super sensitive to it. I would start at 1mg and work up from there.

    I am one of those people. I took 2mg last night and slept 6.5 hours. I'm still groggy after being up five hours and drinking two cups of coffee.

    AI Sports 3Z is decent. It didn't make me fall asleep much faster, but it made for a more peaceful sleep.

  8. Like mikenice said,I quit taking melatonin all together because I was so tired the next day from it


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