What's a good joint support supplement?

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  1. Osteo-Sport, flax and fish oil, and cortisone shots (lol).

  2. Costco brand "kirkland signature" glucosamine HCL(1500mg per serving) with MSM(1500mg per serving) for 19 bucks you get 187 servings. I take two servings a day with a ton of cissus and my joints feel awesome.

  3. Supercissus and fish oil, both are amazing in helping with joint pain

  4. Ok, so I havent personally tried this but I will throw it out there anyways. A shot or so of apple cider vinager, daily. Yesterday I was talking to a buddy at the gym about having joint pain and a trainer overheard me. He highly recommended this stuff. At the time I thought he was a couple eggs short of the omlet, but I googled it when I got home and sure enough, people use it for sore joints/joint lubrication. Who knows... You can get Braggs apple cider vinager at your local store for cheap, so it may be worth a shot? I think I may give it a go and see what the fuss is about...

  5. IM currently using Kre-Celazine from Lebrada. Of course, fish oil and glucosamine are staple products in this category. I use apple cider vinegar in my diet daily for cutting. Makes canned tuna not so dry and goes good with salads. Braggs is good stuff, not too pricey and i got it at Vitamin Shoppe.

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  6. Best joint supplement

    There are number of Joint Pain Relief supplement present in the market these days. But all the products are not up to the mark and hence you should be very careful while choosing the supplement. Among the products available in the market FlexoPlex is a popular one.
    It is important to make sure that people goes through proper reviews of the product before buying it. FlexoPlex is a product which is made of all natural ingredients and hence does not have any negative effects on the body.

  7. Curcumin for inflammation

  8. Quote Originally Posted by JerseyDrew77 View Post
    I've been searching and trying to find a good joint support supplement. It's mainly in my shoulders where I feel the pain. It seems that Super Cissus RX by USPLabs and Joint Force by E-Pharm seem to be the popular ones. But from personal experience, what do people prefer or recommend?
    Cissus xt and fish oil..along with other natural antiinflammatories
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  9. this is my review for Achilles i posted in different site

    Antaeus Labs-Achilles

    I want to give some love to Antaeus Labs-- I have been using Achilles for over 2 month now, it has done a fine job of keeping my knees elbows and ankle limber... my joints just hurt from years of sports and since I took up BJJ and Judo my joints hurt even more!!! Taking Achilles has help me keep my training at a high level - I hurt my elbow two weeks because I did not tap out from an arm bar- my elbow was hyperextended hurt like hell i thought I be out for a week or so--- i increase the dose from 4 to 6 and the pain in my elbow has eased ( do not get me wrong my elbow still is sore ) but I know without Achilles i could not recover this fast... great product...

    I have used Flex before ( love this product) to many dam pills!

    Fan !!!!!
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  10. I use type 2 chicken collagen....I compete at the professional level in armwrestling and have had no wrist or elbow joint pain in 6 months since I started taking it. I encapsulated mine and take 2 800mg pills a day. The stuff blows regular joint support away.


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