Aderall, plus this stack, dangers?

  1. Aderall, plus this stack, dangers?

    I have diagnosed ADD and take Aderall for concentration, I have cleaned my diet and have increased my training intensity/frequency. But, I am looking to boost my fat loss, and was looking at this stack Erase + Alpha-T2 + OxyElite Pro. With Aderall, should I be concerned about adding weight loss supplements to my regiment?

    Also, for my fiance, can anyone recommend a good stack/product for her too (also takes aderall, and has mild asthma).

    We are getting married in 5 1/2 mos. and are looking to cut about 30lbs each by then.

  2. I wouldn't recommend any of those! You'll risk some serious side effects from overstimulating your adrenals. I'd stick to L-Carnitine, clean diet, and increased cardio to burn off those 30lb.

    I'm ADD and take Adderall as well, believe me I've had my share of bad experiences from mixing the meds with supplements. Just my 2 cents

  3. I agree with rottie76. I would stick to a healthy diet and nutrition plan. You could always talk to your doctor about a safe way of going about weight management with your meds. It can be very dangerous.

  4. Is it dangerous only with that stack or are there other supplements that we could take a look at to increase our rate of fat loss?


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