looking for a little boost in bed

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    The more natural route:

    Look up L-Histadine for her. The orgasm is partially due to a release of histamine, and histadine has been used clinically to treat anorgasmia in women. You could also put some black pepper next to her nostrils right before she cums, which will make her sneeze via a greater histamine release, and intensify the orgasm.

    Look up L-methionine for you. This is used clinically to delay male orgasm. In addition, you can look into natural prolactin inhibitors, such as vitex.

    In a less natural route...

    Get yourself some OTC androgen...something with a high DHT qualities. Mix it into an alcohol based massage oil. Massage it on her. Her libido will spike through the roof and she will experience multiple orgasms. Do it too often, and your GF may look like Steven Tyler in the morning.


    L-Methionine is natural and it delays ejaculation you say?

  2. The herb Tongat Ali in capsule form will work wonders....its used in many natural testosterone boosters, but Ive mainly noticed the sexual effects.....makes you super horny.boom!

  3. Re: looking for a little boost in bed

    Muira Puama.....excellent stuff. Get this in a tincture if possible. Works much faster that way

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    i seem to recall a sexual health forum on here but i couldn't find it, so i hope this isn't in the wrong section.

    i booked my girlfriend and i a weekend getaway for her birthday and i want to surprise her with some extra-special sex. i'm looking for a [preferably all natural] product to increase my libido and drive her wild like never before. as we're going to be filming that weekend, i want to really feel like the stud she tells me i am.

    i did some looking around on the internet and all i seemed to find was penis enlargement ads and no reliable reviews on anything else.

    any recommendations? if you've personally tried anything i'd like to hear what you think.
    If you want OTC check out Liquid Rx Plus or Stamina RX.. For pharma Cialis or proviron or both.

  5. Natty test boosters are a good place to look for this Testabolan V2, Intimidate SRT, Tropinol XP (libido and hardness).

  6. All of what Laneanders said:
    Testabolan V2, Intimidate SRT, Tropinol XP
    I have never been dissapointed, and neither has she.
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  7. after running testabolan for well over 2 months its become quite apparent my libido is doing much much better.
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  8. Lots of great info in this thread. I learned a lot.


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