Hurt muscle- Motrin or Flexeril?

  1. Hurt muscle- Motrin or Flexeril?

    Hey guys,

    I've been really active lately with rugby and my ankles have been killing me, specifically the muscles around them, and today my entire calf decided it wanted to be in pain, too. I don't think I pulled it but it definitely hurts. I'm icing it now, but I was wondering if I should take an 800mg Motrin or a 10mg Flexeril? Which one would help it heal if it is actually injured?


  2. Both of these will help alleviate some pain (the flexeril more so than motrin), but neither of them will actually do too much to assist in actually healing your injury. I wouldn't use the flexeril unless you are in some serious pain, i.e. the motrin would be a lot safer to take (especially repeated doses and/or over longer periods of time.

  3. at high levels, motrin will stop your body from synthesizing protein. Not sure about flexeril. If its a soreness heat or a NO product would help.

  4. flexeril is just a muscle relaxant and can make you drowsy. both wont heal anything. rest and time will.

  5. I'm currently taking both post shoulder surgery. Per my Orthopaedist; up to 2,400 mg motrin/ ibuprofen split three times per day. One flexeril 30 minutes before bed. The Motrin reduces inflammation and the flexeril stops muscle spasms as they react to the damage caused in the target area.

  6. If you have access to an ice water whirlpool, this cures all. It completely healed my shin splints in trackband I'm sure would help your ankles. Whatever you do NO HEAT!!!

  7. Just curious why no heat?

  8. I dont know about everyone else, but Flexeril gives me a nasty hangover, even in small doses. I cant even tell if it does what its supposed to do (relax muscles).I feel really groggy and lethargic which in turn affects my workout a little bit. If it were me, I would stay away from the flexeril and opt to ice and rest it...

  9. They say ice during injury to reduce inflamation, then heat later on to help heal.

    Muscle relaxers just make me tired too.

  10. Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) has a lot of CNS penetration and I do not recommend that at all for these types of injuries. Frankly almost every drug in this class, especially carisoprodol (Soma), is over-prescribed and really doesn't do much for the patient. Baclofen is really the only good drug here but honestly stay away from these, prescribing info states not taking it for much longer than two weeks but most people are on them for years.

    For injuries, especially those with inflammation just stick to the basics. I personally recommend Naproxen since it is only taken twice daily vs. 4-6 times daily but that is just me.
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  11. flexeril sucks for pain, just makes you go with the motrin.
  12. Re: Hurt muscle- Motrin or Flexeril?

    Quote Originally Posted by GeraldNY181 View Post
    flexeril sucks for pain, just makes you go with the motrin.
    Agreed! To me its purely a sleeping pill.

  13. try some voltaren, the gel works wonders for me.


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