Piracetam while on oral cycle? good idea or not?

  1. Piracetam while on oral cycle? good idea or not?

    I am getting lethargy from PP's 1-T and have about 600g of piracetam and 400g of choline citrate in my cupboard and want to know if it's a good idea to take these on cycle.

    I feel as though it's better to ask than just jump into it and regret it later. I just thought they may help my focus at work, because the lethargy is so random. But when it hits, I just want to lay down and go to sleep. Any help/suggestions are appreciated. I know there are plenty over here in this forum that know a lot about piracetam.

  2. As long as you don't have preexisting liver or kidney diseases I think you'll be fine. I don't believe there is anything in its MoA that would that would be harmful when combined with orals.

  3. Thanks man, I figured you'd know more about this than anyone else.

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