Adderall and supps... Heart concerns? Others?

  1. Adderall and supps... Heart concerns? Others?

    I take Adderall a few days a week for school, and I'd like to begin working out again after a long "break" with the Activate Xtreme and creatine mono I already have. Are there any potential/likely negative interactions among the three? What I know is that the amphetamines with the creatine will require a LOT of hydrating, so I'm primarily wondering about blood pressure/heart rate concerns. I'm the CNS-heavy ecto-type with a ridiculous metabolism and I'm out of shape, so my main worry would be of elevating my heart/blood pressure too suddenly doing, for instance, intense squats.

    I plan to run the AX daily for its four week period, probably also having some creatine mono with a Real Gains shake every day, making those 2 the daily stable elements. On top of those, a few times a week I'll have 60mg Adderall XR, but not usually on workout days (however, sometimes maybe 20 Ad. IR or 30 XR pre-workout). Only on days without Adderall, I'll have a B12 energy drink and/or bronchodilator like Bronkaid to get energy for a workout.

    OK, and finally, every once in a while when I have a public speaking presentation I'll take maybe 1 mg Lorazepam and/or 20mg beta-blocker (Propanolol). I'll never exercise on a day I take those, so I'm only curious how they might interact with the AX and creatine (possibly also Adderall) at a resting state.

    Today I'm just doing the AX and creatine with Bronkaid and an energy drink, so I'll see if there're any headrushes or dizziness or major heart pounding issues as I jump back into exercising. I'm 6 ft and probably down to like 150ish (I lose weight when I don't exercise and force-feed) and my resting blood pressure is probably on the low side, though not with the Adderall (60mg will give me a resting heart rate on the higher side... 90, I think?). Thanks in advance for any helpful info.

  2. Id say coming from someone who has used addy and AX that you should be good there, if you get heart palpitations or develop an irregular heart beat definitely stop and see a doc tho. As for the Lorazepam and beta blockers, I dont have a ton of experience but i dont see any glaring reactions at this point.

  3. well adderall is an upper... if u have a tollererance, i doubt you will feel any heart pallapatations- although its possible. Adderall may also supress your appetite (just as any other upper- coke meth etc...) how many times do you take the dosages of adderall (60mg at one time?!?).. you can always wait before you hit the gym. Make sure you stay EXTREMELY hydrated. Be weary of your body signals as you lift.

    the lorazepam is a is a benzo... a downer. I personally wouldn't take it before i workout due to the lack of motivation. but good side affect include the munchies.. it really depends on your tolerance and weather the prescription drugs are being abused.

    Recovering heroin and crack addict.

    ... hope this helped

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