stand alone test booster?

  1. stand alone test booster?

    Hopefully im posting in the right section, if not i apologize.

    So here's my question. I have some Recycle and shortly i will have some formadrol extreme xl, thanks to nutra's sale. As far as a standalone test booster which would work better? or could/would they be taken together?
    a little noobish im sure, but i appreciate the help.

  2. bumped

    anyone had any experience with these or info that'll help?

  3. that **** is all bunk , eat some onions

  4. formadol is the only one i used.
    it works really really really well, type it in the search bar and see the reviews. one guy has his blood work before and after taking formadol.

  5. yeah ive seen the bloodwork and done some research already. i just hadn't seen a lot of people using it as a standalone and was wanting to know some people's firsthand experiences

  6. any test booster as a standalone will be fine.. you will notice that your "on something" about 1/4 way through the bottle.

  7. ok thanks, i was kind of curious if you would have any kind of "on" feeling.
  8. Wink

    o ya, prepare for more focus and intensity in the gym. you may also start feeling a bit more aggressive..
    keep your self under control though.

  9. phyto-testosterone or bioforge are the best test boosters imo

  10. DTP for me works wonders
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  11. Check out the ingred profile of PCT Assist .....its a highly overlooked product

  12. Quote Originally Posted by mw1 View Post
    Check out the ingred profile of PCT Assist .....its a highly overlooked product
    I agree....It is in my next PCT.

    I have also tried ALRI's Restore, and MAN'S Primal Male...also good products. But if CEL was publicly traded, my stash would earn me shares. LOL

  13. I've been happy with Divanex. Running a eight week cycle.

    I ran the 1st bottle with 6-bromo. Currently running the 2nd bottle solo. It seems Divanex is better run in a longer cycle.

  14. thanks guys for all your input. I'll have to check them all out...however i have recycle and formadrol extreme on hand so if anyone has personal experience with these as standalone test boosters or even used as part of a pct or something i'd appreciate the info.
    But im definitely interesting in checking out the other products listed

  15. My next stack is going to probably be Formadrol Extreme + IGF-2

    Right now I'm taking DRIVE and it's helped me with endurance and has helped make me appear a little fuller, but Formadrol works by entirely different actions, so I wanna try it next to see how it is.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by yoss View Post
    that **** is all bunk , eat some onions


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