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  1. Pramiracetam

    So I just scored a decent deal on 50 grams of Pramiracetam. I've heard mixed reviews about it, i plan on running for myself regardless, but i was curious as to what everyones experiences with it were like.

    If anyone is interested I'd probably run a log along with it too.

  2. I'd be interested in a log.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jamjoe View Post
    I'd be interested in a log.
    I second this. I have not heard to much about it yet.

  4. Well two is enough support for me. I'll have some time to post a small write up and log the previous three days experience with it in about two hours.

  5. I did a two month stretch on it in 09. I felt more aware, random thoughts all but stop. I felt I could think deeper about problems, like connecting this problem with that solution became very easy. Information I forgot years ago would pop in my head when I was thinking about various topics. I enjoyed it, for me it came on slow but by the second week I felt it strong.

    One more thing, about three weeks in my wife made the comment she felt I was putting more effort into listing to her, which depending on your lady, could be a good or bad thing

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bkprice View Post
    I did a two month stretch on it in 09. I felt more aware, random thoughts all but stop. I felt I could think deeper about problems, like connecting this problem with that solution became very easy. Information I forgot years ago would pop in my head when I was thinking about various topics. I enjoyed it, for me it came on slow but by the second week I felt it strong.

    One more thing, about three weeks in my wife made the comment she felt I was putting more effort into listing to her, which depending on your lady, could be a good or bad thing
    Why'd you stop taking it?

  7. This Is My Brain on Drugs: A Nootropic Log

    This is log is going to focus mainly on Pramiracetam. I have other nootropics that Iím using as part of this cycle, but I feel I have enough experience with them to discern the difference and synergy of effects.


    Pramiracetam, to which I will refer to as Pram from now on, is a derived analogue of the nootropic Piracetam. Parke-Davis developed this drug initially, with the claim that it is ď8-30 times stronger than Piracetam.Ē

    For those that care about the chemistry aspect, the difference between Pram and Piracetam is that Pram has a diisopropylamine attached to an ethane chain which is then bonded to the amide on Piracetam structure. Interesting, I know.

    The proposed Ėracetam family method of action is as follows-

    1) Enhanced brain metabolism by stimulating oxidative catabolism, increasing energy levels through improved ATP-turnover and cAMP levels, and enhanced phospholipid metabolism and increased protein biosynthesis. There is also an impact on hippocampal (to make this pertinent, the hippocampus is involved with long term memory potentiation and spatial navigation) release of dopamine and acetylcholine but does not modulate neurotransmitter release or inhibition
    2) Increased communication across the corpus callosum- which is the bundle of nerves that separate the two hemispheres of the brain. This has been inferred to potentiate the generation of new ideas.

    For those of you familiar with Ėracetams Iím sure that this isnít anything new.

    Common clinical uses for Ėracetams include
    -alcoholism treatment
    -Improving or slowing deterioration in senile dementias (i.e. Alzheimers)
    -Enhanced alertness, cooperation, socialization, and IQ in elderly patients
    -Improved reading and accuracy in dyslexia, as well as speed of reading, writing and spelling
    -Boosting mental performance in "aging, non-deteriorated individuals" suffering only from "forgetfulness."

    There are multiple more uses but A) Iím too lazy to continue and B) if you are interested about nootropics and racetams in general I suggest researching them yourself.


    Besides sharing common neuro-effects, anecdote and research point to the notion that each racetam analogue exhibits particular characteristics unique to itself. Pramiracetam has been reported to increase goal directed and purposive behavior in comparison to its chemical cousins. Milligram for milligram, Pram is considered to be the strongest, with doses as low as 150mg being effective in Alzheimers trials. Pramiracetam, along with Aniracetam, is fat soluble, which lends to its effectiveness and relatively longer half-life. In laymanís terms, it lasts longer in comparison to Piracetam and Oxiracetam.

    Experimental studies have indicated it improves memory and learning capacity; while also functioning as a mild antidepressant with a sedative effect. My readings indicate that the sedative effect is limited to the CNS, with no effect being apparent on the autonomic nervous system, however I havenít found a substantiated study on the potentiation of an anti-depressant effect (I also havenít looked that hard).


    Really I suggest researching this yourself if your interested. Everything Iíve dictated is easily found, and if you have any physiology experience I doubt you would find the clinical studies difficult to understand in general. Pubmed has approximately 1000 studies total on the Racetam family of drugs (or so I've read), all of which are free to access.

    Iíve read mixed reviews about Pram, and Iíve come to the conclusion that for the most part, sides are going to be dose related. Iím still fine-tuning my dose of Pram in conjunction with my Piracetam/Choline Citrate, but I have several initial thoughts which Iíll share shortly.


  8. Thanks
    Just inject.

  9. DAYS 1-3

    My Pram came in the mail on Saturday, so I’m just going to give a brief summary of my overall initial impressions for the previous three days.

    The first time, and everytime I take Pram, I can noticeably feel the effects. I’ve read other experiences with this and I feel confident in saying that if you are familiar at all with Racetams and their subtle influences on mind-state, you should have no trouble spotting this.

    The very first dose I took Saturday while studying for a Physiology midterm. I’m still toying around with dosage, but when I run Piracetam and Choline/Citrate by itself, I typically dose 3g/1g at least 3x daily. I have interesting genetics to say the least when it comes to drug metabolism. Anyways, I took 500mg of Pram and about 20-30 minutes later I felt it “hit.”

    My first thought was exactly this.

    “Whoa. This IS Pramiracetam.”

    For myself, my Pir/Choline stack elicits a more “liquid” state of mind. The best way I can describe it is as a cool feeling towards the front of the cranial that also feels very fluid. I find it easier to concentrate, and I’ll notice after the fact improved concentration, recall, and linguistic capabilities. That being said, Pram made me feel like I was being put into a dunk tank. I definitely noticed a “mild sedative effect,” however it was a cross between a state of relaxed intent and a more intense “liquid” feeling in my perceptions.

    I’ve noticed over the past few days, as I’ve also read from (positive) logs on other forums; increased concentration, retention of learned material, and drastically increased analytical dissemination of pretty much anything, pattern connecting, and speed of thought. A lot users report a sense of “detached emotionality” and “muting of extraneous thoughts,” I would have to agree with this. The unnecessary and ADD like internal monologue I have going inside my head becomes much more muted. The detached emotional response is interesting to say the least, for myself its like I know and acknowledge the emotional response, but it has no effect whatsoever on my frame or thought process. In my mind, Pramiracetam elicits a more analytical and concrete/goal driven state of mind. On a side note, I also notice that when listening to and playing music, a more analytical and thorough enjoyment.

    Sunday I incorporated Pram into my usual stack (which I’ll post later) when I went to study. Normally I don’t study high, but an interesting situation arose which had me arriving at the library slightly “elevated” if you get my drift. I noticed a nice synergy with THC, I was overanalyzing and drawing contextual conclusions almost instantaneously from material with a slight depression in overall concentration. I also took 10mg of dextroamphetamine later that night (for the most part amphetamines disgust me, I find them dirty and unpleasant), in concert with my noot stack and with the Pram I literally felt like I was “absorbing” material.

    Monday I had gotten 5 hours of sleep and had a midterm. On Monday’s I also have class from 9am-9pm. I'm not a morning person and I just happen hate Mondays, anyways. I loaded up on energy drinks and took my noots along with Pram religiously. My rough guess is that I took close to ~1500-2000mg of Pram throughout the day. I made it through the day and felt amazing about the midterm, of which I was the first to finish in a lecture hall of 400 students. I know I suffered in performance because of the lack of sleep, but the Pram helped up my game a little bit.

    Those are my first three days, later tonight I’ll post todays log in detail along with my noot regimen. Right now I need to play CoD MW2 and study.

  10. Nice post. Keep it coming!

  11. Well Iíd like to thank everyone for being so supportive and interested. My updates will probably wonít be scheduled, but I am keeping a detailed log in a notebook so Iíll post them up eventually when I procrastinate on AM instead of do school work.

    Before I go over Monday, Iíll detail the noot regimen Iíve been using on and off since the beginning of this school year. All of these are in approximate and averaged amounts, depending on the stresses of the day or how Iím feeling mentally I adjust my dosage.

    A Typical Day w/out Pram looks like this
    -3000mg Piracetam/ 1000mg Choline Citrate/ 600mg Sulbutiamine ~3x daily

    Iíve incorporated some new things along with Pram also, Iíll try to give as detailed insights as I can.

  12. 2/23 TUESDAY

    7:30- Rise and Shine.
    -200mg Modafinil: which I’ve just started and am still playing with the dosage)
    -150mg Bupropion HCl: I’ve been taking this sometime for my depression
    -2000mg L-Tyrosine: best time for I’ve found to take this is right when I wake up, pretty much my adrenal glands hate me.

    8:30- Breakfast. At this point I feel the typical hunger suppression of my Wellbutrin, however I’m still trying to gauge the Modafinil’s effects. After the meal:
    -3000mg Piracetam
    -500mg Pramiracetam
    -600mg Sulbutiamine
    -1000 mg Choline Citrate

    8:42- Yup. The Pram is starting to hit. My visual acuity has increased and I can tell the definite mindstate change, somewhat relaxed, analytical, and really enjoying Atmosphere.

    9:15- 1 cup of Darjeeling Tea and 100mg Modafinil. Between this point and shortly after the pram “hit” I started feeling very spacey. Kinda relaxed, slightly dysphoric, tired but able to concentrate. (More on this to come)

    10:15- Arrive at Physiology Lab still feeling kinda spacey. However half an hour into it I really come into a zone. We were learning about interpreting ECG’s and the corresponding extracellular charges and cardiac muscle movement related to the ECG’s. This is all coming quite easily to me, I’m out of the “spacey” feeling and feel very focused and awake (definitely the Modafinil, usually I would’ve have about 3 cups of coffee already). Connections between concepts and facts are coming easily to me, and in the exercises involving extrapolating the concepts we learned to the material I’m drawing correct conclusions everytime. Usually I’m hit or miss on these kind of critical thinking exercises, today I was hitting. On a side note, towards the end of the lab I started getting head throbs, which I realized was low blood sugar later on. I’m thinking that especially with Modafinil and the appetite suppression of my meds I need to eat more frequently. Ugh, not easy. Anyways.

    12:05 Lab ends and I head to the gym, took 3 RPM beforehand.
    Focus/Aggression: 7
    Explosiveness: 10 initially-then 6 after about 2 sets (that whole low blood sugar thing… plus I spilled my periworkout drink while mixing it… I was pissed to say the least). I finish my workout, stretch, do my usual thing. I’m feeling slightly upset in my stomach.

    1:53- From this point and onwards throughout the night until I went to sleep I was in a funk. I felt awake, but mentally tired at the same time. In retrospect, and in a few days I’ll dial this down, I believe it was a combination of excessive Pram/Pir dose-synergy, and poor sleep quality for the previous days.
    -1500mg Pir
    -250mg Pram
    -150mg Bupropion HCl
    -1000mg Choline Citrate

    3:20- 900mg Sulbutiamine w/ high fat meal

    3:25- Two cups of Jasmine Green Tea
    -One absolute game of destruction in CoD MW2: Estate- 27/0, I think I might’ve made a little kid cry. After this, my games went downhill and I called it quits after three more.

    4:10- Study Time begins
    -250mg Pram
    -1000mg Choline Citrate

    4:20- Pram “hits.” And no, the irony isn’t lost on me.

    4:23- the beginnings of a tension headache and the tired but awake feeling intensifies. At this point I’ve decided to scale back both noot doses until I determine the synergy.

    6:00- 1500mg Piracetam
    -1000mg Choline Citrate

    6:15- Feeling more awake.


    Nothing will ever replace a good nights sleep. Once I started studying I was able to concentrate and learn the material, but it was made more difficult with my languid mindstate. In short, studying was not ideal. Tomorrow I’m going to scale down my Racetam dosages and toy around a little bit more with the modafinil.

  13. For this waiting for an update its been a pretty hectic few days with class... But sometime tonight or tomorrow I'll post up the past days.

  14. interesting log
    i'll be following along

  15. IN!

    Wondering if you feel "dumbed down" once the effrect wares off?...

  16. Wondering if you feel "dumbed down" once the effrect wares off?...
    What I'm discovering is that Pram is really weird for me. I've finally dialed it down to an effective dose, but I've noticed that optimum effects peak 1-2 hours in while the "dumbed down" emtionality starts to fade.

    Anyways, time for an overdue update. Put simply, the past week sucked, I've realized that as much as I want to I simply don't have the time to put up detailed logs. I'll put up what I have but from now on I'm probably just going to give brief summaries and notables of the day.

    2/24 WEDNESDAY

    Monday night I had done some reading, pretty much I think most of the fogginess I've been experiencing is over dosing my noots. Especially my choline. That being said, I also decided to sub out my Sulb for the time being as I've been using that ED for quite awhile.

    7:45- 400mg Modafinil
    2000mg Tyrosine
    150mg Bupropion

    8:35- 600mg Sulbutiamine
    1000mg Choline
    1500mg Piracetam
    250mg Pramiracetam
    1 cap of Alpha-Burn (9mg Alpha-Yohimbine)

    NOTES: Lowering the Pram dosage has definitely made me less "spacey."

    10:15- 250mg Pram

    Reading over my log really makes me wish I would've kept more detailed notes... All I put was "effects not as vibrant"

    11:05- In a good place, the head fog seems to be disappating.

    12:30- 150mg Buproprion
    3000mg Piracetam/ 2000gram choline- I did this to rule out the possibility of limited choline in related to noot... In hindsight I realized I was an idiot. But its helped me dial my doses so its not all bad.

    12:40- feeling good

    1:00- feeling mentally sharp but slightly detached mentally, the beginnings of a tension headache.

    1:10- 500mg Pram
    At this point I realized I was trying to solve the wrong problem. It wasn't limited choline intake, it was overconsumption of noots. For some reason, the high dose of Pram didn't hit me as hard as I expected, probably the extremely high levels of choline played a part in this.

    1:40- increased multi-tasking, concentration, visibly blunted responses to emotional-social stimulus, semi-zombie like mindstate. Looking at this in hindsight- too much Pram.

    3:00- High mental energy at this point, still analytical, noticeable improvements in lynguistic ability, and feeling in a "perfect mental state."

    4:51- the mental effect is slowly fizzing out, i decided I would have one more Pram dose for the night and then call it enders.

    6:30- 150mg Pram

    NOTES: This kicked off a two hour period of spacey disassociation which made it impossible to get any work done. But I did learn something from this day, which is that my Pram dosage is WAY WAY WAY too high. And considering the half-life of Pram in relation to potency, my repeated doses were going pretty far down the Bell Curve for effects.

  17. 2/25 THURSDAY

    7:45- 700mg Modafinil
    This day I was determined to do work.

    9:00- 150mg Bupropion
    3000mg Piracetam

    9:30- Slight headache- 400 mg Choline Citrate
    3 RPM- then short workout

    11:30- 3000mg Piracetam/ 500mg Choline
    I'm feeling pretty good at this point, I then went off to do some community service.

    2:30- Community Service done, I take another 150mg of Bupropion and begin studying.

    4:15- 4500mg Piracetam/1000mg Choline Citrate

    4:23- Feeling spacey (and I wonder why?... In hindsight I really question what seems to go through my head some days). So I take another 1000mg Choline Citrate

    4:50- Cup of coffee, and my first Pram dose of the day, which I weight out to 100mg.

    4:53- Pram starting to hit.

    5:11- Feeling very very nice right now, have another cup of coffee.

    5:40- yet another cup of coffee.

    5:50- Another 100mg of Pram- at this point i've come to the conclusion that for myself, this DEFINITELY isn't something that I should use for social experiences. I've noticed that in my case I have a lot of trouble empathizing and reciprocating a worthwhile social frame.

    6:23- at this point i had determined my brain was a sponge.

    6:30- 100mg Pram

    7:00- 750mg Choline Citrate- I feel like I'm slowing down mentally.
    I started playing my guitar at this point and I can say that Pram changes music for me, I like the feeling.

    7:40- yet another 100mg Pram, at this point I've realized that I've taken too much and get the symptoms of Pram overstimulation. Difficulty concentrating, disassociative effects, mildy depressed mood.

    9:14- I cannot stress enough that Pram has potent synergy with THC.

    THOUGHTS: This Thursday I was cramming for a MGMT midterm I had the next morning. Did the Pram help? Definitely. Even though I mucked with my dosages, I noticed the benefits and burned through 5/6 of the material I needed to study for the midterm that night. After I synergized my Pram with THC, I continued to study. Oddly enough, I didn't notice any drops in motivation, concentration, or learning. IMO the THC enhanced it, although this isn't something that I would choose to rely on as a regular habit. The THC helped me visualize immensely, and combined with the analytical, strictly business type effect I was feeling from the Pram, I felt it worked quite nicely. That being said, I still feel that it isn't prudent to study elevated, but for artistic/creative purposes I can definitely see Pram enhancing the effects of THC. I'll probably investigate this further at some other time.

  18. 2/26 FRIDAY

    7:10- 500mg Modafinil, 150mg Bupropion. I slept terribly, probably getting about five hours. While I loathe to say this, I'm glad I have uppers like the Mod to help get me through crunch times like this.

    7:50- 3000mg Piracetam/1000mg Choline Citrate

    8:40- 100mg Pram and Sugar free NOS

    This is when I really started to feel it shine. I was still cramming for the midterm, as I had it in a few hours, and my focus was unreal. 100-150mg definitely has seemed to be the best dose for me. At this point I was creating notecards, easily spouting off the information behind the acronyms I had created for notes, and connecting and defining the concepts in a very smooth fashion.

    10:00- 100mg Pram, Medium Starbucks Coffee- midterm is in an hour. I continued to cram and was able to imprint an incredible amount of information in that short time.

    10:20- 500mg Choline Citrate, another 100mg Pram. Still studying. To note, while the cumulative doses of Pram now seems to put me under, at this point I'm of the opinion that the stimulants were able to counteract the spaceyness that too much Pram will bring out.

    10:40- yet another 100mg Pram. Effects are the same, I'm continuing to stay sharp and consistent.

    11:15- Midterm begins. I have no anxiety at all (I don't usually get test anxiety anyways but I had a feeling I should've considering I had learned 6 weeks of lecture material in less then 24 hours). I notice that I'm catching small things in questions which disqualify answers, very pronounced. Normally I'd miss these kinds of things and would get tripped up, but this is where the analytical side of Pram shows through. I walked out of that midterm feeling amazing.

    12:00 150mg Bupropion, I start peer grading a paper which was due at my next class.

    The rest of the day:

    The rest of the day I didn't take detailed notes. At all. But to say this, I've realized that in my case its best if I use Pram sparingly for studying, not as a consistent daily regimen. I finished off my Friday by just relaxing, I made no effort to study and allowed myself a bit of lazy me time to recover from the past week.

  19. 2/27 AND 2/28- SATURDAY/SUNDAY

    I didn't take detailed notes either. But I'm finally getting the feel for my Pram dose. 100-150mg about every three or four hours is the best for me when it comes to learning, I spent my whole weekend in the library. At one point yesterday I slipped back into the "more is better" mindset and took to much Pram. The overstimulation sucks, to put it bluntly. Too much will ruin any chance of studying, I stacked 100mg doses over two hours and it eliminated any cognitive benefits. I was spacey, languid, difficulty concentrating, and slightly dysphoric. However, about 2 hours later the effects starting wearing off and I went right back into study mode with full strength. Small doses are definitely the best with Pram, but to me its annoying to wait for the full benefits to bloom while waiting for the initial "submersion" feeling to subside.

  20. 3/1 - 3/7

    I'm terrible with these updates, i know. In short school sucks. I've finally gotten a good feel for the Pram dose, 100mg is definitely the sweet spot. I haven't been sticking regularly to my noot doses either, hectic really seems to sum my life at the moment. That being said, I still notice a definite improvement in attention, recall, and memorization with Pram. My main focus for the past few has been organic chemistry, everything else has been put on hold. I'm pretty sure I failed my midterm, epicly, but that was more where I focused my studying rather than recall.

    And I must say, the recall has been pretty intense. I notice definite improvement in abstract visualization and grasping underlying principles. Its almost trippy, a couple of nights I took diphenhydramine to antagonize the modafinil. Right when I was in that lucid state where youíre semi-conscious I was having detailed visualizations/lucid dreams of Sn1/2 and En1 reactions. Pretty interesting stuff.

    That being said, this week should prove to be a little less hectic so Iím hoping Iíll be able to post a more detailed log again. My aniracetam also arrived in the mail so that means I have a new noot to add to the ****tail :-D

  21. 3/8 MONDAY

    1:00 PM- 2000mg L-Tyrosine

    Woke up late today because I spent the night before writing a speech I've put off for two weeks. I'm feeling pretty terrible at this point, I had taken adderall to work into the wee hours of the night and still have a lot of sleep to catch up on.

    1:30- 15mg adderall
    100mg Pramiracetam
    750mg Aniracetam
    1000mg Piracetam
    1000mg Choline Citrate

    Took this right after eating, about 30 minutes later the adderall kicked in and i felt pretty good. Played a little bit of CoD:MW2, did decent but my connnection hasn't been the best lately. After that I spent about 30 minutes stuck in a rut trying to finish the conclusion on my speech.

    4:10 PM-
    30mg adderall- otherwise same noot doses as above

    Began prepping for my speech. I'm still trying to get a feel for Aniracetam, but it seems like it counteracts the sluggish feeling Pram sometimes brings. I was in a pretty good mood after I found out I had gotten a curved A on my MGMT mid term from two weeks before. Definitely reminds me how awesome Pram is.

    At this point I was semi-distracted because of the adderall, but was able to wring out my speech and become comfortable enough to wear it would just flow off notecards. I do this for another two hours and finally present around 7:00pm. Taking the adderall into consideration, I still can notice a subtle edge with the noots. I was able to knowledgeably BS my way through a speech I had written the night before and ended up going over 10 minutes. I'm confident the only thing I'll lose for points is going over.

    9:45 PM-
    The adderall is starting to wear off just as I get home from class. Took 100mg of 5-HTP and 2000mg of Pir to try and help with mood. Really do hate that stuff, it drives me nuts when its the only way I can get things done for class. Anyways, the rest of the week looks to be nice and easy. A couple assignments are due but it won't take me more than an hour to do each. At the moment I'm pretty worn from school and just life in general, spring break begins Friday night. I'm planning on slowly catching up on the work i've put off over break, so it won't be as stressful anymore.

  22. 3/9 TUESDAY

    2000mg Tyrosine
    100mg 5-HTP

    Slept pretty terribly, again. Not really feeling at all motivated today. I spent the rest of the morning doing dishes and cooking, it feels good to finally eat a solid meal again.

    1175mg Aniracetam
    1000mg Choline Citrate

    This is the highest dose I've tried with Aniracetam yet. In hindsight it seems to be just the right dose, I definitely notice the "speediness" with my thinking. Today I just geeked out and played CoD for most of the afternoon. While this is subjective as can be, I do think the Aniracetam "upped my game" so to speak, I didn't have a bad game the whole afternoon, not to mention my connection was amazing today.

    1175mg Aniracetam
    150mg Pramiracetam
    1000mg Choline Citrate

    Still lacking in the motivation department, not to mention mood and concentration. The past few weeks are still catching up with me, I'm still recovering from the extended Modafinil and interspaced adderall use. The rest of the night I really didn't do anything productive, the -racetams are helping to balance my mood but its probably gonna take another day or two before I feel like I'm back to normal. My room mate was nice enough to give me some hydroxyzine, so I popped 100mg around 8:00. I was finally able to wind down and get to sleep around 10:00.

  23. 3/10 WEDNESAY

    7:30- Woke up pretty pissed off. Got woken up at midnight, 1 and 2 by some of my room mates drunk friends. No mean feat considering what I took to sleep.

    7:45- 2000mg Tyrosine

    8:00- 1175mg Aniracetam
    1000mg Piracetam
    1000mg Choline Citrate
    150mg Buproprion

    Feeling kinda irked this morning. I skipped the Pram because I had a feeling it might exacerbate my tiredness. While i'm not in the best mood, my mental condition still seems to be much better then yesterday. I'm definitely paying for skipping classes, catching up over break isn't going to be fun.

    11:00- My mood finally starts to break and I start feeling better about life again in general.

    150mg Bupropion
    1000mg Piracetam
    1000mg Choline Citrate
    1175 mg Aniracetam
    150mg Pramiracetam

    Go to my third class of the day and do a fairly decent job multitasking between editing a paper and paying attention. Finished that class, skipped my last one, and spend the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing.

    Three day bender in celebration of almost starting Spring Break.

  24. 3/15 MONDAY

    Woke up. Got a good 13 hours of sleep.

    150mg Bupropion
    1175mg Aniracetam
    150mg Pramiracetam
    1000mg Piracetam
    1000mg Choline Citrate

    Finally pry myself away from Call of Duty and cooked breakfast/took my noots. This day I had been planning on doing some work but that never really fell through.

    Slight tension headache. Meaning, I took a little too much of my noots. Felt a little spacey, but not very pronounced, played more Call of Duty because its the equivalent of twilight for men, and cleaned up the house.

    150mg Bupropion
    750mg Aniracetam
    1000mg Choline Citrate
    1000mg Piracetam

    Didn't end up getting any work done. I started texting a waitress that I had given my number on Saturday. One thing led to another and I convinced her to treat me to dinner because I'm a poor (and cute and charming) college student. She picked me up around 6:30 and we went to eat at one of the nicer cafe's near campus.

    Racetams helping my game? Debatable. This is the first legitimate date I've been on since God knows when. I loathe to say this but I was a bit nervous, its been awhile since I've been one on one with a girl (outside of parties) spitting game. She also had me a bit nervous because she was 3 years older then me, I was pretty worried about coming across as an immature ****y little prick. Not to mention my Wellbutrin makes me shake like a mofo at the most inconvenient times.

    I could say my noots gave me a subtle edge, but IDK if that is a 100% objective observation. Anyways, the rest of the night went well, we both loosened up, came back to my house, smoked some hookah, watched tv, and I pissed her off to the point where she started wrestling me. Even managed to snag a few goodnight kisses. Not a bad night in the least :-D

  25. I'm interested in trying this out, but cant find anything, unless its from alibaba.. Any pointers on where to get some?

  26. MKP: I'm interested in trying this out, but cant find anything, unless its from alibaba.. Any pointers on where to get some?
    Check your PM's

    3/16 TUESDAY

    Rise and shine. Last nights sleep was a little rough, i'm trying to quit toking and i'm trying to shy away from OTC sleep aids too. Woke up a couple of times but I think i got about 8 hours so its not that bad. Play a little bit of CoD but was able to cut myself short after three games (go me right?).

    150mg Bupropion down the hatch. Cook some breakfast, shower, then catch a little CNN and some of last nights Colbert Report.

    1125mg* Aniracetam
    150mg Pramiracetam
    1000mg Piracetam
    1000mg Choline Citrate
    900mg Sulbutiamine
    2000mg Tyrosine
    B-12 Lozeng

    Hmmm bulk sulbutiamine.... sad to say I've missed that taste, its been a couple weeks since I've taken it.

    Making my way towards the bus stop. At which point the thought cross my mind... nootropic buzz? I make a stop at the corner store, say whats up to my boy Bobby, and grab a 32oz Lo-Carb Monster and a Black and Mild.

    Finally get to the library, crack open the Monster, drop a deuce, and then sit down to study. At this point my mind was racing, I can definitely feel my mind "going" like I took a moderate dose of adderall.... Love it. The feeling of synergy between the Pram and Anir is pure bliss, and in hindsight the Sulbutiamine effects were quite pronounce also. Anyways, I can see why the Japanese are obsessed with Aniracetam, this stuff is no joke. I popped on some binaural beats, typed up yesterdays log, and then finally get to work.

    Finished the write up and finally started on homework... This combo is intoxicating.

    Stuff definitely reminds of adderall, minus the peripheral stimulation and dirty edge that comes with an amphetamine high... trying to find an online speech to analyze for my communications class and keep on getting sidetracked on tangents. On a side note, George S Patton is one badass mofo.... but had to settle on a General MacArthur speech instead because it had live footage. I decided to take a little break after that and go outside to enjoy my Black & Mild before I start with my physiology.

    Black & Mild was delicious. Another 375mg* of Aniracetam down the hatch. Now PHYS

    Some of you might've noticed the asterisks. Turns out I had my measurements mixed up on my Aniracetam.... apparently 1/8 Tsp is 375mg instead of 300mg, which explains things and also means I have to re-edit my posts and readjust dosages.

    150mg Bupropion
    1000mg Choline Citrate
    1000mg Piracetam
    750mg Aniracetam
    150mg Pramiracetam

    Whooooo. Came up with a new word. Nootphoria. Pretty self explanatory and I can safely say that earlier today i was, in fact, not imagining things.

    Finally took a break after hitting the books pretty hard. The mental edge I have is very noticeable. Catching up on phys- I'm feeling like I'm getting an extremely thorough grasp of material and concepts... Even though I should've covered them three weeks ago. But, I can feel the onset of a headache, the kind that you get from studying for a bit, so I stock up on the free food and coffee they have in the library for some kind of academic learning promotion deal. I'm not really sure, and I don't really care, what exactly they were doing, but it reminded me of an under attended job fair. Whatever. Free Food.

    F'ing BS... they're only serving decaf coffee.

    Anyways... got another hot date with the girl from the night before. I was going to drink with some of the guys still on campus but;
    1) I probably shouldn't be drinking
    2) She's bringing her best friend which means;
    a) If I had said no that would've raised a red flag and
    b) When it comes to girls, its never hurts to make a good impression on the best friend

    I'm not a master with women by any means, but I DO understand this bit of female psychology very astutely.

    Pretty sure this is a caffeine crash... Whatever. Its time to get going anyways. I'm a little unhappy I didn't get to cover the material I wanted to, but I do need to get back to the house and stud myself up before she picks me up.

    500mg Choline Citrate
    375mg Aniracetam
    B-12 Sublingual

    Time for a little subjective analysis before they pick me up.... I'm going to quantify if this is going to help in this situation or not. In 20 minutes, we'll know for sure.

    Get back to my house and begin typing up my notes from the day. For me, at least, Aniracetam isn't something I'm going to use in this situation. To be completely frank, older women do make me a little nervous, and the "speediness" exacerbated this. I'm going to refrain from using Aniracetam to augment lingual skills, IMO Piracetam seems to be more effective in that aspect. Anyways, turns I am going to be drinking. Cheers!

    Last edit for this post, I swear! Anyways, Its time for me to experiment with Piracetam and alcohol toxicity. I've seen a few promising studies. So, in the name of Science, I am going to objectively quantify this with an experimental procedure. 4000mgs of Piracetam down the hatch, 1000mg Choline Citrate to boot, a B-Complex for when I stop drinking, and a few anti-oxidants for my health. In approximately half an hour, the experiment will begin.

  27. 3/17 WEDNESDAY

    Ended up not drinking last night. Long story short, I have flakey friends and that was the last time I put up with that BS.

    Rise and shine. Courtesy a phone call from mother.... thanks mom....

    150mg Bupropion w/ breakfast.

    I had been hoping to get to the library by 12:30 but I got stuck talking with my room mate for a bit.

    2000mg Tyrosine
    1175mg Aniracetam
    900mg Sulbutiamine
    150mg Pramiracetam
    1000mg Piracetam
    1000mg Choline Citrate

    Finally make my way to the library. I stopped at the corner store again and picked up 2 Black & Milds, a Rockstar Cola, and a 32 oz Lo-Carb Monster. It was a pretty nice day out, especially for mid-March Minnesota, so I decided to walk on the way. Drank the Rockstar Cola on the way there and smoked one of my Black & Milds. There were cute girls in the library today too.... Nice!

    Cracked the Monster

    Feeling pretty extravagent off my noots at the moment, I'm bumping binaural beats under some Basshunter and mentally I just feel amazing.

    Realized I need more fiber in my diet.

    Break time, I still had another 25 pages of this Phys textbook to absorb and I can feel my noots wearing off. Went outside and smoked my other Black & Mild and finished my Monster. Met a nice black guy who got all excited he thought that I was smoking a blunt. Gave him change for the bus and he was on his merry way.

    Tiring out a bit.... I had gotten through 10 pages so far, and figured i'd try for another 3 before I wrapped it up. Took another little five minute break.

    Powered through 4 pages. At this point I decided to be done and headed home.

    I'm Scotch-Irish, it's St Patties Day, and I'm blacked out.

    3/18 THURSDAY

    I've never been this hungover in my life. My first time waking up to dry heaves. I quit drinking.

  28. 3/19 FRIDAY

    Woke up decently early today... forgot to write in my notebook when. Worked out for the first time in two or three weeks and it felt absolutely amazing. Pre workout I took 200mg Caffeine, 120mg Geranamine, 1 Cap of Alpha-Burn (9mg a-yohimbine), and 300 something mg of aspirin.

    150mg Bupropion
    1175mg Aniracetam
    1000mg Piracetam
    150mg Pramiracetam
    1000mg Choline Citrate
    900mg Sulbutiamine

    I had expected to make my way to the library shortly after errands, which is why I dosed at this time. Didn't work out that way. I finally got back and got my **** together around 3:30.

    150mg Bupropion
    1175mg Aniracetam
    1000mg Piracetam
    150mg Pramiracetam
    1000mg Choline Citrate
    900mg Sulbutiamine

    Dosed this right before I left the house and went to catch the bus.

    Turns out the University has some campus wide holiday and everything is closed... Including the library. I make my way back to the house and help my room mate clean up some of the trash out of the yard and shoot the breeze with him a little bit. At this point I was pretty pissed off, 1) about the library and 2) we had gotten in a fight with our neighbors last fall over some stupid **** and it seems that they're trying to stir things up again.... Someone had messed with my roommate's truck a few minutes before I left the library, I guess, and we hadn't seen who did it. But we have overheard the neighbors drunkenly talking trash at the house lately so its not too far of a stretch to assume its them... high school drama to say the least.

    Go back inside the house and suddenly start to feel quite nauseous. I go to the bathroom and it subsides. I turn around and it comes back, funny how you never feel the need to puke when you're right in front of a toilet. Few seconds later the water works come on and I empty a stomach full of noots into the toilet. The taste of bulk noots coming up makes me heave again and I spent about two more minutes lurching over the toilet.

    Thoughts? My guess is the Geranamine, which I haven't taken in probably over a month, coupled with appetite suppression both from that and my Wellbutrin and an empty stomach are what did me in. Regardless, I lost my drive to study after that and had some people over instead.

    Also took the chance to do a little gourmet cooking. My plan is to have the girl over and cook for her one of these nights (because nothing turns on a woman on like a man who can cook). The recipe was Strawberries and Lemon Curd, pretty legit, albeit unhealthy, dessert.

  29. 3/20 SATURDAY

    Ugh.... wake up time.

    150mg Bupropion

    Notes- We had people over the night before and they ended up staying. So we went to the grocery store, stocked up on some essentials, and came back and cooked breakfast. First time I've had bacon since IDK when, took this chance to make scrambled eggs with the grease too.... Mmmmm.

    Zero Carb Rockstar (240mg Caffeine per can)
    1175mg Aniracetam
    1000mg Piracetam
    1000mg Choline Citrate
    900mg Sulbutiamine
    150mg Pramiracetam

    I woke up feeling pretty tired.... after this I was feeling pretty awake but still not 100%. Last night I had maybe three beers, nothing extravagent. BTW the new Summit Horizon Ale isn't that great.... has quite a metallic aftertaste. Anyways, made my way to the library once again.

    Spent the next 20 minutes writing up the previous days notes and editing my Aniracetam doses. My mood is alright, but I'm feeling slightly sedated... which can be attributed to the fact that last night I smoked close to a half eighth... I really need to quit smoking.

    Slammed another Zero Carb Rockstar, took a piss, and went and started on my physiology.

    Definitely smoked too much reefer last night... Ugh. So i'm gonna try something I've been thinking over in my head a long time. Since it seems, subjectively, that Aniracetam seems to counteract the sluggishness that accompanies Pramiracetam I'm going to see if I can dose higher with the Pram and avoid overstimulation.

    250mg Pramiracetam
    1000mg Choline Citrate
    750mg Aniracetam

    The Pram is getting noticeable.... Everything feels slightly "slowed down," which is usual, but I'm don't feel sluggish yet. We'll see.

    Beginnings of a slight tension headache... Possible overstimulation. I'm really enjoying music though.

    Actually in a pretty good mind state. I'm going to have to toy with this a bit more when I'm not feeling so "stupid."

    Taking a break to piss and check on my mental. Rockstar #2 is finished. I'm feeling kinda of tired at this point. Slight depersonalization from the Pram. Its still really hard to tell if its over dosed or from last night. I took a 10 minute break.

    Still feeling tired... I finally decided to quit ****ing around and cracked Rockstar #3, pop 150mg Bupropion, drink a protein/oatmeal shake, and get back to work.

    Still feeling tired. Also feeling mentally foggy. I'm thinking the Pram dose was too much.

    Yup. Still mentally foggy, languid is another good description. I'm feeling jittery from all the caffeine I've had (720mg total). I decided to head home.

    The rest of the day I didn't get much done. I was jittery, which rarely happens, but mentally very laid back. I wasn't exactly in the most positive mood, but that was helpful for the things I was dealing with. I have three friends who've owed me $70 since November and never seem to have the money to pay me, but always seem to be able to have abundant booze and other college necessities. For once being irritable and pissed off worked in my favor. Its always a nice feeling to know you got someone by the balls and they ARE going to return to you what you're owed.

    Around 8:30 I went out to eat with one of my friends who just got back from break. Still kinda jittery, but she always seems to cheer me up so I was having a good time. Got home around 11:30. Funky mood at this point, having depression my whole life has taught me how to monitor and disseminate my mental condition very well. At this point I was overly emotional, which was feeding emotional vicious cycles and further depressing my mood. I finally realized this and quit the mental masturbation, I put myself in the kitchen and took my mind off things by making a smoked paprika, fresh lemon, mustard marinade for chicken. Got to bed around 2:30, the girl started texting me and further got my mind off things.

    Thoughts- In part I think its reasonable to attribute the depressed mood to all the caffeine I took in today. Another major player was the ridiculous amount of green I ingested the night before. As of now I'm out, and I want it to stay that way. Quitting that ****'s hard, especially when its the only thing that settles my back pain and helps me sleep. But its not worth the trade off for a depressed mood, lower motivation, and having the eccentric personality of a burn out. And probably the most focal point of all, hindering my school work and the full scale benefits of my noot regiment.

  30. 3/21 SUNDAY

    Woke up. Played a few games of Call of Duty and then cooked the chicken i marinaded the night before. I also made potato fries for the first time. Everything turned out nicely. This dinner is gonna leave her pants on the ground.

    1:30- 30mg Amphetamine Salts (Instant Release) with a handful of tums and an energy drink I found in my backpack. Made my way to the corner store, got another 32oz Lo-Carb Monster and a pack of cigarettes to bring to my buddy.

    1000mg Piracetam
    1000mg Choline
    900mg Sulbutiamine
    1175mg Aniracetam
    150mg Pramiracetam

    I took this with my Monster once I met up with my buddy at the library. The adderall is starting to kick in, but isn't pronounced. I've had this type of IR before and they aren't particularly impressive.

    Adderall is becoming more pronounced. I'm in a level mood, not terribly euphoric (good and bad thing I suppose), and am in my now typical nootropic zone.

    I realize, as I do everytime I take any amphetamines, that I should've split the dosage. I'm pretty distracted... typed up the notes for the past day on here.

    Finished typing notes.... I really feel the need to start on homework. But I don't. Instead I spent the next two hours doing some self-analysis involving myself and the people I am around. Amphetamines are great in this respect for me, I always find them a effective tool for introspectivity. While it wasn't what I should have been doing, I've come to realize that things of this nature should be done when the chance comes. For myself it proves to be very rewarding when I apply these self-analyses into real life.

    1000mg Piracetam
    1000mg Choline
    600mg Sulbutiamine
    1175mg Aniracetam
    *250mg Pramiracetam

    I figured I'd toy with the Pram again after yesterday. It worked out fairly well, I didn't get any signs of overstimulation so I assume it had tangible benefits. For the next hour and a half I spent time figuring out where I was in school, organizing material, creating checklists for exams and such. Essentially, I'm doing well needed and overdue logistics. Its always a nice feeling to sit down, plan everything out, and realize that you aren't actually behind at all. While I should've been proactive about certain assignments, I still got something done.

    Typed this up. The amphetamines are wearing off, typical unpleasant dysphoria, and I'm close to calling it a night anyways as I have things I need to do at home.


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