EC and high blood pressure

  1. EC and high blood pressure

    So were i work my boss got a blood pressure reader to monitor himself because he think he has hi blood pressure. I'm cutting and on bronkaid, and he made me check mine. I tested like 161/125 or so and he was on my ass about it tellin me to go to the doc. He even asked me if I was on anything(drugs,supps, or roids) and said no. So yesterday I didn't take my morning dose and whent in and got checked. It was like 118/76(just about average). My ? Is is the 161/125 that I got while on EC that harmful?

  2. It would be harmful if it is prolonged HBP. BTW, what is EC?

  3. Ephedrine Caffine

  4. You probably got a inaccurate reading because that's drastic. Test again a few times at different times of the day. If your BP is that high you would be getting symptoms most likely. How you feeling?
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