question on test 400 / deca 200

  1. question on test 400 / deca 200

    Stats 6 foot
    195 pds
    32 years old

    ok starting second cycle first was sus

    now im trying the stacking method

    i got 10ml of Deca 200
    and 30ml of Test 400

    how much should i administer? how often?
    being that this is my first time stack should i inject one in each of my glutt muscles?

    also how long do u think this will last should i get more.

    yes i do have a proper pct cycle btw

    any hlep would be greatly appreciated
    u mad bro?

  2. What type of test is it? e,c,p,u???? Cant really help if I dont know which test, although I imagine that it is e or c and in that case it is 2 times per week. You can also inject in the same area each time if you like. Also, this is the wrong section, please post about anabolics in the anabolic section...

  3. And you have enough test to do 2.. 10 week cycles at 600mg/week....

  4. sorry sorry i didnt know where to post and im looking at the bottle of test400 and how could i tell if its e c p or u the whole bottle is in spanish
    u mad bro?

  5. the company name must be in english, no? if it is, do a google search.

  6. only thing that i see in english is their website i searched there and its like a bullsh*t site the company name is denkall
    u mad bro?

  7. If you dont know what ester it is, you shouldnt run it mate.... I did a little research and found this: Test 400 [Propionate,Cypionate & Enanthate], which means inject 2 times a week, ie. mon and thurs.... And deca 200 is nandeconate.. You dont have enough of that to stack mate, you inject that ed 400-800mg a day because it is fast acting. Just run the Test 400 at 10 weeks 600mg, 2 injects of 300mg. And you would have enough for another cycle...

  8. ok yeah i was doing my research too and i heard test400 hurts like a bitchh no matter where u inject it plus i got a desk job so i dont need to be standing all day trying to geto n my pc lol
    u mad bro?


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