OTC post cycle

  1. OTC post cycle

    Hey guys I was wondering what OTC post cycles are actually worth anything other then crap!!

  2. diesel test hardcore is pretty good. i recovered quite well after my phera cycle. but if doing a heavy duty cycle, SERM/AI

  3. sweet thanks

  4. Well OTC PCT is ok sometimes depending on your cycle, but I would always have a serm on hand, a popular OTC PCT is the testosterone recovery stack (TRS) from primordial, I have never heard anything bad about it, heavy doses of AI's and whatnot can lead to delayed gyno and whatnot in some cases, so the only tried and true method is to have a serm

    If you are doing something mild like Hdrol I think the TRS should be ok

  5. Hi Im planning on using this PCT after a 4week Phera (@20mg/ day) + Halodrol (@40mg day) cycle, do you think I have all bases covered/ eliminating the possibility of delayed gyno?

    PCT plan is 7 weeks in total:

    weeks 1-4
    -Pharma labs Esto suppress (its a legal SERM: p-Dimethylamino-e-phenyl-butene)
    20mg/ day
    -Forged Post cycle: 2 caps a day
    (1250 mg :
    Tribulus Terrestris PE 60/20
    Fenugreek PE 50%
    Long Jack 100:1
    Indole 3 Carbinol
    Divanyl 95% extract)

    Weeks 4-7
    Androbolix (6oxo + tribulus) 400/300/200/100mg

    Any help/ pointers greatly appreciated.

  6. if you're going OTC then 6-oxo, tribulus, and tongkat ali would be the best choice. a lot of guys i talk to about PH post cycles will start with a high dose of 6-oxo and a test booster, then taper down over the course of 4-5 weeks. but to be completely honest most OTC products are a waste of money, you should just do 4 weeks of nolva (40/40/20/20) with some tribulus.


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