OTC Aromatse Inhibitors profile...

  1. OTC Aromatse Inhibitors profile...

    I've always been very interested in these compounds and untill now I've only used one time a blend of both of them with bad and good results, but definitly the fast action of them was what amazed me most. So I've always seen debates here about comparations between two or more OTC AI, and then, inspired in the databases that Ziquor and Thesinner have made in the Anabolic seccion in this forum about PH and DS, I thought "what about doing the same to the OTC AI?", this way we could at least gather some basic information about compounds like 6-OXO, 3-OHAT, ATD, 6-Bromo, formestane and any others that I can't remember at the moment to create a database to them.
    So what you think about this idea and could you give all the scientific information and real world/life experience that you have with them to make this database real?
    I also would like to know what caracteristics about them that you want to be shown in this database

  2. I agree. I'd like to see some info on these. I hear the opinions. So far I like ATD the best. I know people hate it though. Have not been impressed with formestane. 6-oxo is ok.

  3. I too would like to know if any of the OTC products are worth the money and the risk.

  4. Almost finished with a bottle of 6-Bromo now and have no adverse sides and am still alive. I can't speak for the others in the list but I don't hear any negatives about formestane either.

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