Weed and EC

  1. Weed and EC

    Does smoking while taking ephedrine/thermogenics do anything as far as reducing ephedrine's effectiveness?

    Sure makes me feel a lot less tweaked out, but I was wondering if this is somehow hurting my ephedrine's function?

  2. Some of the more "racy" strains will elevate your heart rate and may pose a problem with what ephedrine does. Also, if you're taking e for fat loss and then eating like crap to satisfy the "munchies" then yes, you will be hurting ephedrine's function. Other than that, you should be ok if you find a mellow strain and keep your diet strict. You should consider vaping instead of smoking, though.

  3. thanks. Diet isn't a problem. I actually vape and don't have food cravings. Volcano btw!

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