Inderal or.....

  1. Inderal or.....

    So i recently went to the doctor and told him i have been under alot of stress with school lately and that i cant get to bed at night. I guess you can say i have a certain type of performance anxiety. My doctor told me to take Inderal and see if that helps, he said it is a beta blocker which helps control my bp when i am under stress/anxiety. I have been told by other people that i need to be on xanax or something comparable. I was wanting to get thoughts on this drug and its effects, and if this inderal doesnt work then what would...

  2. beta blockers are to help with anxiety

    performers often use them to ease their tenstion (as seen on bigger stronger faster)

    a good way cut out all stims

    it will interfere with clenbuterol as well asa most fat burners on the market that include beta aagonists.

    if i were u id search pub med, is much easier though

  3. so is this going to help me with my public speaking and marketing classes? I was planning on drink a little before i have to present...ahaha

  4. and i was about to start my clen this week. could i take the inderal on somedays and clen on the others? or would that be useless

  5. Inderal works great for public speaking, first time u take it and get up in front of everyone you'll be amazed at how u don't get that sudden rush of adrenalin.... just calm and clear's great and u only need a really small dose for it to work!



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