back on stack...part 2

  1. back on stack...part 2

    So after my first bust with not cycling correctly off my ph stack, all my levels are back to normal and I am looking for suggestions on what to stack to start getting my weight back up.

    Im looking to stack my 1-2 ph's that will add good weight and some strength. Size is more important to me because my strength really hasnt gone down since my last stack. I think I want to try another go at Epidrol by Hardcore formulations and I keep seeing things about that test cream 1-tren by primordial.

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks

  2. Well the whole point of supps for PH is to support the system during the cycle.

    So I wouldn't go for appetite stims (which I think is what you are looking for). I'd go intead for stuff like cycle support and liver longer, mixed with Toco (PP), mega multi-vits.

  3. today was my leg workout in 3 months since I tore my meniscus and got it repaired... 315 for reps man, I am stoked!

    and in terms of appetite I never have a problem with that, I am going to take Epidrol from hardcore formulations because Ive taken it before with good results and Halotest 25 by powerlab because I have read nothing but good on it... any thoughts there?

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