Decbolen Cycle

  1. Decbolen Cycle

    I'm starting a Decabolen cycle today. I have done my research and know that this product has 3 methylated compounds in it. The bottle I have shows 35 mg per serving, 1 pill. Max dosage on the bottle is 2 per day. My question is, how mg of milk thistle do I need to fully protect my liver? I'm currenty talking Biomend and have for some time. It contains 5 mg of milk thistle. Thoughts?

  2. My bad, the super anti oxident that I'm taking has 5 mg of milk thistle. Not the Biomend.

  3. You should have started taking a full on Liver support supplement 2 weeks before starting any methy prohormone. I would recommend starting at 500mg. of milk thistle

  4. agreed! i take 1000mg a day but only one week before.

  5. Hey JP,

    Isn't this your second Decabolen cycle? Definitely would have said run two weeks pre but I think you already knew to do that. I would say run cycle assist with it at the very least. Two caps of the 35mg = 10 sd, 10 pp, 50 hd (5,5,25 per cap.) Don't neglect the hawthorn berry and milk thistle.

    How long you running it for?



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