Halotren 400

  1. Halotren 400

    Alright so I've already done two ph cycles both being havoc. I enjoyed that compound quite a bit for its dry gains. I want to do halotren 400 now, but I havent heard too much about. I was curious if anyone could tell me the pro's or con's about Halotren 400. Also does anyone else know what compound would give me a dry gain like I enjoyed so much on havoc. I appreciate any information anyone could give me on halo tren and another dry compound. thanks.

  2. It's a halodrol and tren extreme compound...Should be fairly dry. I would however pick up a caouple bottles to run it at a high enough dosage to see results.

  3. a few bottles huh? what kind of dosage/cycling would you suggest I run? I hope its as dry as havoc without the irritating joint pain.

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