Pscychiatrist appt soon...want to get most out of it

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  1. Im on Wellbutrin 300mg daily for poor concentration and i havent noticed a difference after 2 months takeing it. I know it takes afew months to start working but my grades ar falling every semester. The only thing i have had success with in this department is smokeing marijuana. I stay focused and my mind doesnt wonder...but its something i wont tell my doctor about because i dont want him to think im a drug abuser. I really dont want to be on hard mind f**k meds my whole life so im stuck between a rock and a hard place. In other words, i feel all you guys' pain. It sucks.

  2. I wouldnt mention rec drugs unless asked. They know people get high, and will be able to tell if your an addict. I would tell them about previous meds that didnt work or caused sides. Benzos and SSRI's are the most effective combos, although Benzos can be addictive if high doses are used. SSRI's help attenuate that. Find out what is the source of your problems and talk about it till its gone! Best of luck to you! It doesnt have to be this way forever and if you determine to get better, you will!

  3. Hey man, did you ever start that test/anadrol/epi cycle that you posted up a while back? Just wondering if that might be contributing to your problems. Also, did you start experiencing depression/anxiety before or after you started running pro-hormones? Just curious because when you are shut down you can experience depression/anxiety as well as panic attacks. Have you had any blood work done recently?



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