ECA during or after PCT?

  1. ECA during or after PCT?

    I just finished my cycle of SDrol and was very dissapointed. I ran it at 10/20/20 and I put on more fat than anything(1in on waist and 2lbs total...). I need to know how soon into PCT i can start my ECA stack?

    A little info: I am 1 week into PCT, my BP is 130/70(120/66 normal).

    I am looking to do a medium/slow cut til the beginning of summer in june. To do so I am going with 300 cals under maintenance which I will begin with the eca stack. Currently I am at maintenance. On cycle I was 300 over(sure eat more carbs, everyone said, after all it is sdrol).

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  2. If your bp is high, you may want to lay off the stims, anabolic pump, DCP, and leanfx should take care of all fats loss needs, in two more weeks you could pre-order glycobal which is great for fat prevntion and recomp.
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