prostanozol w/ risperdol and lexipro

  1. prostanozol w/ risperdol and lexipro

    hey, im thinking about taking prostanozol (150mg/day) as a stand alone, but am slightly concerned about it messing with the meds im on. Currently on 10mg of lexipro and 2mg or risperdol a day...opinions?

  2. IMO It mostly likey will not have a significant effect other than significantly raised prolactin level and other steriod sides.
    Lexipro being an SSRI, Risperdol being mainly a Dopamine antagonist as far as ive read. Risperdal in known to greatly increase prolactin and appearently it may cause prolactinoma, a benign tumor of the pituitary gland. But im no expert and i aints no doctor.
    best of luck wit it
    P.S. The best real advice i can offer is to research to understand what you are putting into your body and come a decision on your own(since its only yours to make) instead of subjecting your self to potentially faulty advice from a well meaning bro

  3. thanks for the advice, open to any advice I can get...i think i'm going to ask my psych and see what he says...

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