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    ok i was just wondering whats the best supplement or herb that i can use every so often to just relax and chill out? use to be a pretty big druggie but now that ive been lifting for a while and off drugs i want to find something that wont hinder my progress. ive tried kratom...didnt like it. use to like brownies but dont like the green much anymore. i heard one person on here combined melting point, l tyrosine, and DLPA and felt good off it. other ideas were phenibut or kanna. im pretty interested in both of those.
    i personally like the ECA. it give you a great workout plus when you get off it you get a nice buzz that lasts for a few hours. also, try taking it with geranamine. i know these arent mood enhancers they just work well.

    now that i remember, vitamin water does and still might make a drink called B relax. i heard that works pretty good too.

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    if all you're worried about with weed is its effect on cardio, I would suggest getting a vaporizer or a bong. I've never noticed any negative effects, even when I smoked like a chimney. I ran a 2:05 800 one track meet in high school while I was high. I was smoking every day long as you train it doesn't have a huge effect. Just my 2 cents.
    hey a step ahead now...i think i stated b4 i love i finally broke down and ordered me a vaporwarez vape...pretty stoked to get it. of course theres other options but you cant beat the taste of dank herb and the high off a vape or edibles(if you really wanna get trucked up).....hahaha get a bong? thats gotta be the worst. i have pretty big lungs and i can destroy them with a bong. not a good choice. vape is the way to go, or if you just want to smoke bubbler would be a better choice. i had a chance to smoke out of my friends the other was SO smooth with HUGE hits, and no coughing on virgin lungs

  3. that's what i meant by bong...water bong where you pull the stem out (I think this is what you mean by bubbler...that's what we call it) can't even feel the smoke go in your lungs, then you blow out a HUGE hit. gravity bongs do hurt your lungs though.

  4. i know what a bong im talkin about a bubbler...hand pipe with water in it. bongs totally different

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    I took the recomended dosage of the Silent Night--4 capsules. The smell and taste were like that of hay or grass....not so pleasant. It didn't "knock me out" or make me feel any sleepier than I normally would be. Yesterday was my rest day as well so it was a good evening to try them as physical activity would not have been a factor in determining myself being tired. I will up the dosage tonight and see if there are any changes.

    I did do some shoveling this am and still have to go to the gym. I'll take a nap to offset any tiredness so when I take the higher dosage it is off a wide awake status.

    I upped the dosage. No effect on sleepiness. The product did not work for me AT ALL.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by IRON4LIFE View Post least the extract i was almost impossible to choke down...i just opt for some kush now...few tokes and your right where you need to be...keeps the anxiety at bay
    The best tonic is chronic

  7. It depends on what your looking for. Are you looking for relaxed but awake or are you looking for relaxed and drowsy? Many things will slow you down but also make you tired and groggy.
    ôLord, whom shall we go away to? You have sayings of everlasting life"- John 6:68

  8. papaver somniferum does the trick


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