Not enough vitamin C??

  1. Not enough vitamin C??

    Hey i get sick all the time, could it be missing vitamins, my nose is running all the time

    Its very annoying

    my best lift is squat 300 bench 200 deadlift 280, and my weight is 82,5 kg

  2. Look into poseidon. Great stuff! always helps me with colds, also a good amount of vitamin C each day and Anti-oxidants. RPN and Applied Nutriceuticals do good Anti-oxidant complexs.
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  3. ^ that stuff was great.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by powerlifter26 View Post
    Hey i get sick all the time, could it be missing vitamins, my nose is running all the time

    Its very annoying

    Viral colds aren't due to lack of vitamins unless you're very very deficient. Also, look up vitamin c studies and you'll find that not one has helped with lowering the frequency or duration of colds. Sometimes it can even extend the duration of cold symptoms because it interferes with the body's natural response.

    Vitamin C is needed for collagen production and to help reduce iron and copper for use in enzymatic reactions. Zinc will help with immune function much more than VitC could.

  5. If you really think its vitamin C then it shouldnt be too much of an issue cuz you can get almost anywhere for relatively cheap

  6. try some orange triad and maybe a zma product
    We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.

  7. I'm all about the vitamins and what not but if you have allergies then none of that will make a difference for the moment. And a cold isn't gonna be fixed with Vit C.
    You need old fashioned Clariten or zyrtec. If you have problems with alertness or staying awake then get the Clar-D or zyrtec-D. Those are the cards that you have to take to the pharmacist so they can mark down your name so they know you're not making it into crank. Take one every morning until symptoms are gone and it also keeps you from needing coffee because of the pseudoephedrine but drink plenty of water.
    If its a cold then zyrtc cold and flu night time will knock that sht out in a couple of days but take it at night and don't drink or take anything that will fck up your liver.
    For long term prevention of colds you can take echinacea and zinc and drink plenty of water. Maybe take a look at your diet and cut out the fast food too. My supervisor eats McD's a few times a week and that moron is sneezing and sick all the time.

  8. Vit C probably won't help much.

    You taking a multi? Thats the first step to make sure all your various normal vitamin levels are normal and not deficient.

    I suggest vitamin D, and lots of it. Works for me, kills a cold really fast. I've been taking 5000IU/day for the past 3-4 months and haven't gotten sick at all. If I'm feeling a bit under the weather, I go 5000IU in the morning and at night (so 10,000IU total per day). Vit D is pretty clearly shown to be an immune modulator. Its effects on preventing cancer is dramatic. It is involved in gene transcription for, I believe, over 1000 different genes.

    I just got a blood draw Friday, my vitD level is actually still low (34) after 3-4 months of consistent 5000IU/day dosing, so 5000IU definitely wasn't creating any issues with toxicity or overdose. I might even bump it up to 10,000IU per day for the month of April before the sun starts giving me my much needed UVB. BTW, I'm in Boston so during the winter months we don't get any UVB necessary for conversion to vitamin D.


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