help with my cycle

  1. help with my cycle

    hey guys Im 23 and 103kg (227 pounds) Ive been lifting weights on and off for about 8 years. I have done 2 cycles before only with testosterone ethanate and sustanon. I did my last cycle in mars for 6 weeks.

    In the last cycle I did 6 weeks of 500mg a week testosterone ethanate and it worked well for me. I just heard that the anabolic tablets helped alot with it.

    So in my next cycle I was thinking of 6 weeks on testosterone ethanate or sustanon (ethanate if I can get my hands on it) 500mg a week. I wanted to take some anabolic steroids with it the tablets. not sure what they are called in english. just know what we call them where I live hehe.

    And my question is how much should I be taking a day of the tablets. And do I take more on workout days. Any experienced help will be well appreciated. And corrections to the cycle if you think necessary.

  2. bro how have u done two cycles and ur only 220 at 6'10? how is your diet?

  3. You're running Test E at only 6 weeks? I'd recommend looking into running the TE longer.

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