1. Accutane

    Any one order accutane online? I had to take it for a few months and it cleared me up and my acne came back a few months later and my dermatologist was going to put me back on it but I had to move out of state, and I was wondering if any one has bought it online and its the real stuff. Thanks

  2. i dont think you can order it online man it has to come straight from your dermatoligist. guna sound weird but it works, go tanning every once in awhile. I used to get real bad acne then got accutane cleared it up got off acutane and acne comes back here and there so i go tanning once or twice a month for about 5-10 mins and dries all the oil out of your skin on your face to reduce acne so i would try that man and eat less junk food, with high fats and oils in it makes you break out too, and wash your face 3x a day morning mid day and before bed with clean hands and itll start to reduce good luck man

  3. yea thanks i wash my face atleast 3 times a day and my hands all day... but i get real bad cyst acne or whatever its called under the skin its not bad right now because im on some antibiotic pills but ive been on them for like two years now and i have to take x2 dose to keep my acne down, and i dont think being on antibiotics for so long is good....
    so i need to get some accutane :/ guess ill have to start saving to get a derm pointment

  4. ya i kno what u mean i used to get those 2 real bad i get them every now and then, but when i see my derm, he injects them with something that kills them and about an hour later their gone turns into a reg zit then pop it and all gone ya kno, where did u move to?

  5. you can get accutane online you just have to look. I can't post sources but I've gotten it before. 10mg for a week keeps my skin acne free for at least a month. I've never really had bad acne but accutane will make anyone's face look clearer if used correctly.



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