21 years old
180 lbs.
-300 mg test enanthate/60 mg weekly/6 weeks
-50 IU's HGH/10 IU's weekly/5 weeks
-One bottle of Methyl V-Test/14 tabs weekly/4 weeks
I am somewhat a newbe to the pro hormone side of nutrition. I plan on starting the Methyl V-Test and the HGH either 2 or 3 weeks after I start the test injections. I am trying to use that to my advantage so after the Test is out I will still have a week of Mathyl and HGH to help taper my test down. Also I have heard they HGH is great to use along Test injections because in the end it will help balance all your hormones. Does this seem like a good lay out for what I have?
I initially was just going to use the test enanthate and HGH but they guy at the supplement store gave me his testimonial that it would enhance my cycle that would well be worth $60.."I am skeptical" because I have read hear mixed reviews now..has anyone had experience stacking a similar pro hormone with a test enanthate....??
My main concern is my PCT, I was sold Tribfolia by the same guy who sold me the Mathyl V-Test. I was considering Nolvadex that I found online for an okay prive but I think that might be too strong for the cycle im starting. I appreciate any comments or suggestions would help me out a lot. Thanks