Tribfolia and 6-oxo can work together?

  1. Tribfolia and 6-oxo can work together?

    I am a newby at this...this week Im starting my first cycle of 300 mg of test over a 5 week span. I went to my local supplement store and the guy told me that I should use Tribfolia through the last couple weeks of my cycle and then a bottle of 6-oxo when I am done with the cycle. I was wanting some advise on if I should take both of them together...? and how effective this would be?.....or should i scrap the OTC and try Nolvadex?....I have read some mixed reviews and would really appreciate some advice

  2. I just started taking NovedexXT from Gaspari Nutrition at night and nutrabolics HydroTest(which contains Tribulus) in the morning.
    Yesterday was day 1 so I would appreciate some feedback along the same lines as well.

  3. This is my virgin post on this site but I've been an avid browser for years....

    Number one---why is your cycle only 5 weeks in duration? Cycles should be no shorter than 10 weeks IMO....

    Number two---OTC supplements and testosterone boosters and anti-aromatise products don't qualify for a sufficient PCT protocol with AAS use...

    You need to get your hands on some HCG, Nolvedex, and clomid and maybe some armidex....

    On the other hand, I've ran a few bottles of Novedex XT from Gaspari and I consider it to be the BEST test booster on the market...make sure to taper off of it though because it's so strong that you might get some estrogen rebounds....

  4. you need to run test for 10 weeks minimum.. 500mg a week.. i guess at very minimum 300mg would be sufficent..but thats barely over your bodys natural production, you would be happy with the results from 500mg.. what type of test do you have? cycles of AAS require sufficent pct .. and no 6 oxo is not going work.. do you know what pct is? you need nolvadex or clomid.. you can not by these over the counter

  5. Alright I can tell you went in to supplement superstore in MO and they sold you a ****ty PCT, aka tribfolia they probably gave you the bro logic when you asked for novedx xt. They said something about the keto structure being ineffective they took three times the dose and got no results (so they sounded smart but really arent!)

    Novedex is the only way to go for PCT, or 6 OXO do you want a good dosage protocol for PCT with either product?



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