Ketotifen and sleep

  1. Ketotifen and sleep

    Hello folks!

    This is my first post and I hope I'll follow the rules when posting. I searched the forum for this question but didn't find any answer. Perhaps this is a little odd view of using the med.

    I'm recovering from surgery (had my appendix removed 10 days ago).

    I like taking E/C/A or E/C when I'm studying and exercising at the gym and the dosage is about 30-45/200-300/250-500 mg every third hour.

    I started with ketotifen 1 mg yesterday and didn't feel the sedative effects that people usually claim that they feel. Is 1 mg too low dosage or does it take time for the med to "kick in"?

    If someone with experience have an answer and have some additional info about the sleepiness, duration and so on I would be grateful.

    I want to downregulate my receptors and also get a good nights sleep without using melatonin and valerian root (those make me want to stay in the bed too long next day). Same result if I add 5-htp to the cocktail. Benzos will off course do, but I'm avoiding them as I avoid AAS.

  2. You want to up regulate your receptors, ECA is already down regulating them for you.

    For albuterol-Clen, You take Keto every 3rd week or 4th week for that entire week


    Week 1: no keto, normal dosage clen
    Week 2: no keto, normal dosage clen
    week 3: Keto everynight 1-3 mg, normal dosage clen
    week 4: normal dosage clen


    Or do it week 4, it depends, when you REALLY start to feel the effects diminishing, then run it, either week.

    EDIT: One more thing, take your temp at different times during the day, for a week not on ECA and record it, then take it for the first week on ECA, different times during the day, and record it.

    When the latter readings, become more and more like the former readings, it's time for Ketotifen, benadryl is possible but ketotifen is preferred.

  3. Thank you for all valuable information Omen!

    Will buy some Benadryl from the US too. Keto seems harder to get and everything is "restricted" here today.

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