Could Propecia (Finasteride) produce gyno?

  1. Could Propecia (Finasteride) produce gyno?

    If you are blocking DHT (test) wouldn't u produce higher estrogen levels, then maybe gyno? Could u block the estrogen with something like ACL Estro Extreme?

  2. yes yes yes

    if the Estro Extreme is anything like inhibit-e or the like.

  3. Wouldn't using an AI then also INCREASE test and therefore DHT as most do, thus hindering many of the gains in hair regrowth hoped for by blocking DHT in the first place?

    And it was my understanding that most DHT blockers are topical/local and do not go systemic.

  4. fin is systemic, as is dutasteride...

    DHT at that point would likely be enyzme rate limited (certainly type II 5ar anyway), as there is already an abundance of test anyway. Increasing the amount of test further would likely result in comparatively low increases in DHT... testosterone can also induce hair loss directly, but its effect is generally much weaker than that of DHT. Ketoconazole can help here by competing for the androgen receptor and in my opinion something like nizoral or revita should go hand in hand with fin (and indeed did for the merck propecia trials). It is also a mild regrowth stimulant in it's own right.

  5. That's one of the warnings they rattle off on the commercial for Avodart (dutasteride), tenderness of the breast area. Both dutasteride and finasteride are the same 4-azasteroidal class of drug compounds, so they inhibit 5-AR through the same mechanism. Thus, both run the risk of this side effect.

    I might ask what reason you are taking this to give me a better understanding of your concern. These drugs are prescribed for people with the assumption that their natural chemistry is overly favorable to DHT, thus causing side effects as hairloss or BPH.
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