stimerex-es dosent work?

  1. stimerex-es dosent work?

    i bought it use it 3x a day with 3x a day baby aspirin (81mg)
    i dont feel ephedra bus like i did with asiablack25. it seems almost unnoticable. im thinkin of bumping it upto 4 pills a day.
    any1 know wat could be wrong

  2. wow...this stuff is like crack to me i can hardly handle it.

  3. hmmm.. did you do a reset cycle? maybe your body is used to the stim effect.

  4. umm well i didnt use any stims
    see the thing is that a week before i got my stimerex i used my old ephedra mna it was still crazy but when i switched to stimerex 3it all went away

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