Ativan and Anxiety + Bodybuilding benefits???

  1. Ativan and Anxiety + Bodybuilding benefits???

    I got prescribed some Ativan for anxiety that I have, but I only take it when I fell very anxious and take 0.5mg. You could say 1 time a week. School is starting again soon and I was wondering if it would be helpful to take during a big exam or presentation....or does it decrease memory/mental capacity at all???

    Also I hear that Ativan makes your body reduce cortisol and release more GH. How much more GH? Hypothetically, if dosed daily would you lean out a little and gain noticably more mass than off of it? I also hear it slows the metabolism, which could actually make you out on weight? Slow metab. vs. more GH????

    Any input would be very appreciated/helpful.

  2. ps is better

  3. ps

    I'm only 20 so I'm not looking to start PS any time soon.

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