Synthroid, Selegeline and more

  1. Synthroid, Selegeline and more

    T4 (Synthroid): Anyone else constantly hungry? I just acquired a month's worth at 100mcg a day. Been working pretty good.

    I have combined this with Propionyl Carnitine, R-ALA, Piracetam, Choline Bitartrate, Glutamine, CEE, AEE, Histidine, B6, Theanine, Mucuna Pruriens (60% L-DOPA), Phosphaditylserine, Waxy Maize and occasional 5-HTP. I eat nothing but whole grains, fruits, veggies, healthy fats and lean proteins. Ensuring my dopamine levels are high have been amazing for training. My energy and focus on this stack are ridiculous. If I don't go to the gym or workout I have to take Theanine and/or 5-HTP just to get to sleep. Notice how most of these are neurotransmitter precursors. I feel they are possibly the best and safest ways to support high intensity training. The focus and productivity at work and in my personal life is nothing shy of amazing. Just curious as to others experiences with any of these. The one I do not have as much information on is the T4. Thanks!

  2. Nice

    Haha, cant comment on the T4, but damn you take even more supps than i do! Whenever people see my stash or log book the common utterance is: "dude you are gonna die" ignorance...

    That sounds like an awesome supp routine though! Been wanting to try something along those lines. I could use some productivity supps cuz i lack motivation and focus after a few hours cuz my training is 5x weights 2x cardio a week and i dont have a lot left for work.

  3. Yes, it does sound like a lot but, look at how many ingredients are in some of the pre-workout mixes. I buy in bulk from 1fast400 so, the price is definitely reasonable. At least they are almost all amino acids and not synthetic chemicals. This stack has turned my life around and has given me the focus that has been lacking for so long. I cut out the T4 cause it is not needed. Selegiline (Dopamine re-uptake inhibitor) is definitely amazing and my days and workout are so much better while on it. It has also demonstrated the ability to extend the maximum lifespan of several mammals by up to 20%. Combine that with some Tyrosine or Mucuna Pruriens and you are set. 4rx . c o m has it for a great price. 2.5mg-5mg a day and your set.

  4. *looks into right now!

  5. Ok, now having looked into it a little bit, right away it is listed as i MAOI, reuptake inhibition would be just a side effect? Not that i doubt your knowledge, but why not go with a true DARI?

  6. Haha, more digging finds that true DARI's are SCARY!

  7. I've been reading up on Selegiline. Some say it can be detected in a drug test and I've heard it washes out in 48 hours. Do you guys have any info on that?

  8. Looks like it shows as a false positive for Amphetamine and Ecstacy...

  9. it has properties that will show up in other forms on a drug test.

    as far as making you hungry, thats a common side effect. one of the most comon ones actualy.

    what dosage you taking


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