Where to have prescription drug tested

  1. Where to have prescription drug tested

    I need to have a couple of pills tested, to see if they contain what they are supposed to.

    Long story short, my wife and I recently moved from Florida to Il. I have been on propafenone for Afib for the last 7 years, or so. My wife takes Ambien to help her sleep. Recently, my Afib became uncontrolled, basically overnight. My cardiologist switched me to flecainide, and that seems to be working.

    I didn't think much of this, until this morning, when my wife said something interesting about her ambien. She said that she had not been sleeping well for the past week, but slept really well last night. The biggest change was taking an ambien pill left over from our pharmacy in Florida, vs the one's from the Walgreen's up here.

    So, now we have two meds that suddenly quit working right, from the same pharmacy. We both use generics (have for years), so I'm thinking maybe either a weaker generic, my imagination, a coincidence, or worst case, outright bogus drugs (wouldn't think that from Walgreens, but who knows)

    Anyway, if I could get these tested relatively inexpensively, I might pursue this.



  2. first let me say if you got them from walgreens they are legit. unless its someone in the pharmacy switching them out. the regulations in medicines in transportation is redic and there is a specific company walgreens uses which has an incrdedible record.
    check the dosage. sometimes when using generics the dosage is lower and you need 2 compared to 1 of the trade names.
    do the pill appear to look the same? same dosage?

    ambien is a drug that i would not recomend taking for pro longed usage. its side effects become greater when long term.

    if your pills are different take a pic and send them to me... ill figure it out. also which company made them on the bottle

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