-=+New and Improved FlashOver!+=-

  1. Cool -=+New and Improved FlashOver!+=-

    FlashOver, the low price leader and one of the best selling concentrated pre-workout products has been improved to solve the mixability issue that, until now, was the productís one and only shortcoming. By utilizing a slightly different form of Glycerol, FlashOver now mixes instantly and completely and leaves no residue.

    Designed for maximum muscle pumps and maximum energy and intensity, FlashOver is the only concentrated pre-workout product on the market that does not use proprietary blends.

  2. awesome!
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  3. this is great news, even though i could careless how it mixes, this stuff is the sheet.

    Been using:
    2 scoops Flashover
    4 scoops glycergrow
    2 scoops glycomaize
    6 caps CL Green Bulge

    prewerkout for a few wks now, and strenght is up, fat is down and overall feel great. I swear that waxymaize is cutting me down too

    But i want more samples of the flashover, guys at the gym love it, sheet one guy actually hurt himself lifting to big,lol.

    how long for sum samples of the new formula?

    oh and wad up darren,

  4. Wow, that is quite a stack.

    We're working on some samples, but I cannot promise anything.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by custom View Post
    Wow, that is quite a stack.

    We're working on some samples, but I cannot promise anything.
    yeah it has had me smashing weights. When can i oreder the new version, and are there any samples of V1?

  6. Stores should have the new version early next week.


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