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    Is there a bodyweight recommendatio for amount of caps? How do you determine if you should be going w/ 3, 4, 5, or 6 a day?

    Also, can you recommend an AI to take it w/? This is how it is most effective, yes?


  2. I have 2 jars and I was planning on doing 3 caps a day what would be better 5 days on
    and 2 off or just do the 3 caps a day every day for the 2 jars which will last 2 months.
    I also would like to know should it be taken with food or on an empty stomach which is
    how I usually take my herbal test boosters but someone posted earlier that they took theirs with a meal how do the Omega reps feel about this. Thank you for any info you can share.

  3. I am honestly not too up to speed on AI's any longer, so I am sorry I cannot be of more help in recommending one to use or stack with T-Force. I've been out of thr hormonal game so long, it has kind of passed me by.

    Regarding a weight vs dosing scheme, if you are over 200 pounds, you can certainly bump it up to 4 caps daily and over 225-250, you could push it to 5-6 caps. That is the upper limit that I would go.

    With any Fadogia product, it should be fairly easy to feel how your body is responding to any given dose and adjust accordingly. Pronounced libido effects after days 10-14 and a swelling of the testicles should become apparent.

  4. Thanks for the answer Matt. I know you had wanted to develop a new T-force, but were unable to. Supposedly, it was going to contain some AI's within it.

    Is this sort of what Bioforge V2 became? It seems strikingly similar to the idea you had.

  5. No, I had no input on that other than supplying the Fadogia.

  6. I am still wondering if the T-force should be taken on an empty stomach or with a meal
    anyone with experience using T-force would you please let me know which way works best for this supplement.

  7. I took mine with meals and without...no difference noticed so I just kept it with food.
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