I little experiment!

  1. I little experiment!

    Ok guys, I just had to comment on this. As well, this is probably a placebo effect because I know this stuff can't kick in this fast but here is the low down. I am going to run T-force in an upcoming cut. My regulary pre-workout blend is Biotest A-GPC 60min prior MAN clout 30min prior.....the other day I was totally drained from a week of test's so I stuck with my above regimen, however, I added 1 g LCLT, 2 T-force, 6 g Citrulline and a cup of coffee. Lemme tell ya....I was pushing some heavy weight that I wasn't expecting and had sorta this alpha male mentality going on. I was feeling good. Now, this could be due to the Citrulline or T-force or just placebo but will soon find out. Also, I just tried this little stack out again today because I was exhausted and again the supps delivered. One quick question: Can I stack these 3 together and if so is it too much and a waste?

    Oral Sustain Alpha
    Activate Xtreme

    If too much how would you break these up? 4 weeks T-force/Sustain and 4 weeks AX?

    Also, what is a good dosage scheme for T-force? Sorry for all the questions but thanks in advance

  2. It would actually be a great stack because all of the compounds are oing to work from different angles and via different mechanisms. T-Force + Davinal is a tremendous 1-2 punch, IMO.

    As far as the T-Force dosing goes, keep it to 4 caps per day if you are larger or stick to the label guidelines of 3 caps daily. Fadogia actually has a dimenishing rate of returns, so more is not better and winds up wasting your money.

  3. Thanks custom, think I will go with the T-force, sustain, and np divanex. I will keep ya'll posted

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