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T-Force question

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    T-Force question

    2 quick questions for ya'll. First, when is the new t-force expected at retailers without the ZMA in it? And second, I thought about getting in on this BOGO deal but if I am taking 4 caps of T-force a day I am getting roughly 1gm of ZMA complex. Isn't this way to much and is it gonna throw my mineral balance outa wack? Thanks

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    1. the new bottles, the ones already at nutraplanet and bb'ing.com don't have the zma in it. but nutraplanet it totally better than bbing.com so there's no issue. Also np has it , which you stated, for BOGO. I'm really sure that the nutrition information hasn't been updated on the website. There is no ZMA in my bottle at least

    2. no ZMA....

    I went up to 6 caps a day on this stuff. You will love it!
    Hope I helped.

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