Omega Sports Needs Testers for T-Force

  1. Cool Omega Sports Needs Testers for T-Force

    Since T-Force has been out of stock for such a long time, we are looking for some quality testers to run a log on a bottle. Users should be familiar with OTC test boosters and be able to start immediately.

    T-Force is the only product on the market to certify its Fadogia content. It is very simple yet very effective formula.

  2. Is there an age limit on this?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by allstar View Post
    Is there an age limit on this?

  4. I'd be all for this than, product is proven and looks awesome. When the company can show me it contains what it is suppose to contain, thats impressive.

  5. I'm in! My aging body always appreciates a good T boost.

    My training has been pretty consistent for the last no field work to bump me into the catabolic zone.

    5'10", 186#, 10ish percent BF.

    Currently about to finish up my bottle of Sustain Alpha in about a week.

  6. Sweet. PM me your address.

  7. i would love to test this.
    20yrs old, 5'7", 185lbs

    i am very dedicated and hit the gym hard every time. A little about me, i have lost 55lbs going from 210-155lbs and since have put on 30lbs of muscle

    short, sweet, and to the point

  8. Great opportunity right here! Especially with bulk season coming up
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  9. I applied in the other thread, but figured I would take my shot here. I am 33 years old, training for a PL competition on 10/18. Have been training for 2 decades and still going strong.
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  10. Im IN!

    Used the original, and have been waiting for your new formula to make it's way to my supplement cave.

    29 (as of sunday) Training for bout 10 years, 188lbs, and ,...make fantastic Toco's

  11. 37 years old, training 15 years, 5 ft 8 200lbs. Been off prohormones/prosteroids for a year. Good diet, plenty of time (high school teacher) to work out. Tried a lot of test boosters in the past with no luck. It would be great to log your product.

  12. 26, 6'1.5 250 lbs, currently in the midst of year long strength/bulk cycle. Diet includes everything I can get my hands on that fits my macros for the day (400 grams protein, 250-300 grams carbs, 100 grams fats) but mainly lean protein sources and eggs/olive oil for fats. I have 5 years of on and off training right now but am progressing at a newfound rapid pace of strength increases. Some prs include 295 incline benchx2, 315 decline x 8-10
    deadlift 500 lbs, shoulderpress 255x1 seated. Can post before and after pictures as well as a detailed log (pictures) of meals and perhaps some workout videos. Thought I would edit and mention I have used multiple OTC test boosters including mass fx v2, novedex xt, activate extreme

  13. I am about 90 days removed from a cycle of finaflex 550 xd and I can start immediately. I am 35 yrs old 5'10" and 220 lbs. 19% bodyfat and looking to cute that to 10% while gaining 10 lbs of muscle. I'd love to keep a log.

  14. Thanks for the offers, but we are set for the time being with enough testers.

  15. I'll set my log up this weekend, Matt. Received my bottle 2 days ago and started dosing then. First WO on it tonight.

    You are NOT kidding that this stuff has libido boosting abilities. Yikes.

  16. Well, tell your wife she is welcome and then later on when she's beating you off of her with a stick I'll give her my apologies.


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