I Heard a Rumor about T-Force...

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  1. Cool I Heard a Rumor about T-Force...

    Word on the street is that T-Force is being reformulated.

    I hear it is going to still include the largest dose of Fadogia Agrestis on the market and still the only one certified by Chromadex Labs.

    I also heard it is going to deal with that pesky SHBG and also include natural aromatase inhibitor(s) that were described by researchers as "remarkable" and "potent".

    At least that's what the word is.

  2. Source or its not true.

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  3. some guy. he seemed like a straight shooter.

  4. I'm intrigued. Please, continue...
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. looking forward to this

  6. In for more info..
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  7. ooooooooo
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  8. Sounds good. Excited to see what Omega is up to with their top notch test booster!!
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  9. (eyebrows raised, and head tilted to one side)

  10. very interesting.....

  11. How will the synergy be between this and Ultima? If I recall correctly, there are a few Ultima add-on products coming, correct?

  12. They will not be made specifically for each other, but they certainly can be stacked and stacked well together.

  13. The Best Test Boosting supplement gets, Better? Bestest?

    I've always slipped a low-dose AI in when taking Tforce; after a week or two of use.

  14. Looking forward to more information.
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  15. soundin good!!! i love the synergy of a test boost along with an AI

  16. When we looking at?

  17. maybe 3 weeks.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by custom View Post
    maybe 3 weeks.
    Your killing me OMEGA!

    Wait, am I allowed to order 3 x TNT STACKS?

    I might just do my order, and simply do another order in 4 weeks.. international shipping is just a killer bah!!

    so sad right now

  19. Any chance to get it from an UK retailer? I want it bad

  20. Bump, standardized Fadogia extract maybe?

  21. No, not standardized. The research has not come in like we thought it would and we still do not know the active constitutes of the herb.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by custom View Post
    maybe 3 weeks.
    ...crosses the days off my calender...

  23. How does it have evolved since then ?

    Furthermore, we have created a testing standard for Fadogia. We are by far the smallest company selling this herb, yet it was us who ponied up the couple of thousand dollars to create a testing standard. Did we isolate or test for the active components? No. And because I am working directly with the Dr in Africa who has lead the research into Fadogia, we have chosen to use the whole herb instead. in time that may change, but for right now if you want the nest fadogia, you want the whole herb, and if you really want the best you want T-Force.

    Now just because we are using the whole herb does not mean we are using the whole plant. Are we using stems, roots, leaves, seeds?? I am not telling, but I will tel you that we have tested fadogia from all parts of the planet and samples grown in different parts of soils in different temperatures and harvested at different times during the year.

    So why did we create a testing standard without isolating the active? Because of what I said above with different plant parts and harvesting times/methods. With our test, we can certify without a doubt that you are getting 100% pure, African fadogia harvested for the right plant parts and cultivated in the correct way.

  24. I wish this was out,, Im hanging to start Primal Male, and then run T-force back to back against it...

    I got an order pending & ready errrrrrrrrrr..........I got my Ultima Betas on the way(traded)....

  25. Quote Originally Posted by Pho3NiX View Post
    How does it have evolved since then ?
    The fadogia is unchanged.


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