Ultima and adaptogens

  1. Ultima and adaptogens

    Wondering if there is any known interactions with Ultima and adaptogens. I've been using Cordgygen V02, which boasts a fairly impressive adaptogen complex that I've come to really enjoy using. Not much on the nootropic effects, which is one reason why I think Ultima fits in so well.

    And... the reviews and success stories has me real intrigued...

    So what's the scoop? Thanks.

  2. I know that both Shawn and Dana are not huge fans of some adaptagens being used chronically, particuarly rhodiola. I am not sure about cordyceps being used chrinically, but if you do well on it, I'd say go ahead and continue using it.

  3. Darn, that's not good news for me if they have sound reasoning behind that. Any chance you could shed some light on why they dislike rhodiola/similiar adaptogens? I'm always open to new suggestions.

  4. I will direct them to this thread.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by custom View Post
    I will direct them to this thread.
    Thanks, you're help is appreciated.

  6. I do not dislike adaptogens, its just their chronic use can render them useless in studies, as soon as three days in a row. I do have some questions of adaptogens in some sense though with normalizing certain endogenous chemistry...meaning if your testosterone is low, it may bring it up (good)...if its high it'd bring it down (bad). While this is essential thought in eastern medicine, normalizing/Chi/ balance, etc. Its not the essence of a bodybuilder, where you're typically trying to be "out of balance". Post cycle, adaptogens seem smart. Adaptogens also make sense when you're approaching overtraining or are one that typically does overtrain as part of your workouts...add in stress, sickness, etc. Their application is not clear and my answer is not clear as a result.

    Cordyceps, I like. It may be ok on workout days. Rhodiola is good stuff as well. I use it from time to time. When I feel stressed or overtrained, I use it.

    Like caffeine, with acute use, it has application...with chronic use, it could be counterproductive and adapted to.

    Hope that helps.


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