My Ultima feedback thread, With stim, without stim, New flavor, old flavor

  1. My Ultima feedback thread, With stim, without stim, New flavor, old flavor

    Ok so after a week or so of experimenting with several types of methods i wanna leave some feedback

    1) the Regular flavor isnt all that bad, sure it may have a bitter aftertaste. But results > taste and Ill tell you what I hate the taste of beer more then anything I think this is better then the aftertaste of beer lol

    2) Im a natural stim junkie Im a hyper guy and I need it. A stim version of this would rock but its not a big deal. I take 3 rpm with this and Its freakin insane

    I love it for the cogniblend. Im a nootropic nut as well. I take lots of schooling and my job requires lots of mental focus so a little caff with this helps me out

    3) im actually gonna take this tonight with my economics final just to see what its like.

    now add in the new citrus dew flavor and winner winner chicken dinner

    this **** tastes great

    I do 1/4 teaspoon under tongue until its gone and 1/2 scoop during my lift I can make that last during my 1 hr lift in between I drink alot of water

    and yes My penis grew bigger too Deployed blogging

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Outside Backer View Post

    and yes My penis grew bigger too
    Yeah its a common theme with ULTIMA users. Ask my wife.

    BTW I thought this + RPM would make a great stack for those wanting a stim aspect.

  3. yepper its not totally needed and works great on its own but if your needing a kick in the ass its that much better Deployed blogging

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