--==Serious Problem Regarding ULTIMA==--

  1. Angry --==Serious Problem Regarding ULTIMA==--

    There is no more competition!

    Call the police, because ULTIMA has killed everyone. Deathblow. Fatality. The End.

    I mean seriously...I am usually a pretty humble person and prefer the soft sell to shouting things from the roof-tops while promising to change your genetics or add 30 pounds of muscle in 30 days or promising an unlimited bevy of punnany because of the latest wonder supplement straight out of the darkest regions of the nether-world.

    But I really cannot be silent much longer.

    ULTIMA is the greatest formula ever conceived as far as I am concerned and I want people to know about it.

    Now this doesn't mean I am going to start using professional bodybuilders in ads claiming they got huge off of ULTIMA. I mean that would be an insult to both your and my intelligence. Sadly, most supplement users are not in the same boat as we are.

    But what is does mean is that I am tired of sitting politely and watching crap like jerk-off supplements selling into the millions of dollars per year range. We're going to start extolling ULTIMA for what it really is; the greatest formula ever conceived for the sports nutrition marketplace.

    I challenge anyone to prove otherwise!

    Note that this is even more positive feedback, which I do not think has yet been posted in the massive and still growing feedback thread.

    So as a recomp product, as well as a product that will allow you to make progress in endurance/cardio as well as strength, this is stand-alone the best product I have ever used. I have already farmed out this product to several friends, co-workers, and my mother. Several of whom have purchased it subsequently. This is the only supplement that I've ever taken that I would recommend for just about anyone looking to improve health and fitness.

    For muscles or not, health wise and for ergogenic benefit it still slaughters everything mentioned in here times a million.
    Overall I no longer believe "Ultima is the best supplement ever" is hyperbole; no bad workouts, no "off" days, no brain fog, no half-assing, no bull****. Ultima is the real deal. I'll give a final review once I finish the tub, but I'll say right now that I've found a new staple supp. 10/10
    Ultima is something I strongly feel should be supplemented by everyone interested in maintaining optimal brain functioning, especially the older guys out there. I consider it as much a staple as fish oil and protein.
    Fantastic alpha male feel. No fatigue, no zoning, no rest. I just got in and hit every part of my body DC style in 45 minutes. I was full on dripping sweat by the time I was done with my first set. Tunnel vision, laser vision, x ray vision, whatever you wanna call it, it was there in full force. I still have quite a bit of that focus even as I type this out now.
    OK, this was a 1st I can chalk up to some interesting strength effects of Ultima... I have become superhuman strong it seems... I busted the damn chest press machine with the weight maxed and on the concentric phase of my lift... the belt snapped and a metal bar came down on my head, leaving me a nice bump on my noggin
    I absolutely love the cognitive effects of the product and the strength gains are great. This is the strongest I have been to date, in my entire life. I feel bigger as well.
    Todays workout was absolutely incredible. One of the best I've ever had. I'm really starting to notice some serious strength gains too. Today was a chest/arms day, I noticed that the time I spent between sets was drastically reduced. I also noticed that my intensity during each set was nuts! I even added in a couple extra sets because I felt amazing. After lifting, I hopped on an elliptical. I usually run about 3 miles on my chest/arm day, but today when I hit three I felt as though I had just stepped in the gym. I wasn't the least bit ready to leave. I ended up running for 5 miles, but could of kept going longer, much longer. I left the gym feeling like I could go back in and do it all over again. This product is incredible.
    At this point, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to put in an order for more ultima in the near future(before the formula and price change), nothing non-hormonal as ever worked this well or this quick for me in the ergogenic realm. nothing.
    I started drinking it 30 minutes before w/o then continued about 10-15minutes into w/o . Focus, concentration ,and endurance were unreal during my workout. Strength was the same but mental strength was way up. I left the gym still feeling pumped,refreshed and full of energy , which continued for several hrs afterward w/ no crash whatsoever. It kinda surprised me cause there was no real "stim " feeling at all just clean energy.
    Focus - I wasn't 'in the zone', I was the zone. I have a good amount of experience with nootropics and this was absolutely on par with some of the best. I've used. The mind muscle connection was fantastic. After a long day and being damn tired, it made my workout much easier than expected and actually enjoyable. My carbs are fairly restricted and I often feel out of it and unfocused but today I was 100% present, and it lasted through the end of my workout.

  2. im not gonna lie ultima made my **** grow 2 inches thicker and 3 inches longer

    no lie

    ( btw yes I do have ultima and have been taking it 3rd day now)
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  3. And best of all, no proprietary blend. You know exactly what's working!

  4. is it a preworkout without caffiene??

  5. Dude, custom, you had me worried there for a minute. I was thinking, "oh, crap, it had better not be a recall!"

    Bulk Performance Solutions
    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

    ***NOW @ NP***


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